Hope Is a Dish Best Served Warm
The Naked
by Jamala Rogers
This has been a year to remember. It has been one that affected all of our sensibilities. It’s been a challenge for me to wrap up 2020 in a
balanced, objective way.  If we are honest and have any such sensibilities, we have been profoundly affected in ways still being revealed. People
refused to be knocked down figuratively and shot down literally. They took to the streets to make their voices heard and to defend their humanity. It
was truly inspiring.

The country has endured the most openly corrupt and divisive administration in modern times. Our resilience and sanity was tested with the worst
pandemic in 100 years. We discovered that our planet is deteriorating at a much faster rate than previously predicted. And while some Christians
likened it to the end of the world scriptures in the Bible, most of what this country and the world have experienced were man-made.
While working people — and people who wanted to work — were preoccupied with the deadly pandemic, the costs of everything went up.
Everything except our wages if we even had a job. COVID-19 took a lot of blame for economic decisions even when it wasn’t solely responsible for
those decisions.

What kept me going was the fighting spirit of human beings, especially those beat down by political suppression, economic injustice and social
isolation. I was inspired by Black and Brown people rising up to fight for their lives and their dignity. Despite the pandemic. Despite the laws and
court rulings thrown in their way like spike strips. Despite the challenges of accessing vital services. Despite losing jobs and benefits. Despite…
Those of us who work for racial justice are eternal optimists. We know if
the people don’t have some kind of hope for a better day, there’s nothing
to look forward to, nothing to fight for. Hope is what makes us human. It
brings out the love and compassion in us.

Hope forced us to the ballot box to at least change the tyrant in the White
House, and maybe reduce the damage that has been wreaked upon the
country for the last four years. Hope by itself cannot move or change
anything. Hope is the running buddies of vision and strategic action. We
could’ve hoped 24-7 for a regime change in the U.S. What made the
difference was a shared vision of what people think this democracy
should look like and being willing to fight together to make it happen.

Our future is still uncertain. We don’t know the full depth of devastation by
trump and his cronies. Something tells me we’re gonna feel these past
four years for a very long time.

Then there’s the pandemic. Will the vaccine get to enough people fast
enough to make a difference? Will it be as effective as predicted? How
long will it take to get us out of the economic hole that the regular
capitalist greed along with the pandemic have dug for the country?

My hope for the New Year is that the resolve and resilience that we
witnessed in ourselves and in one another get ramped up. My hope is
that we realized that we are better and stronger together. My hope is that
we’ll work to make a better future for our families.

Then I think about the 70 million people who voted for trump.

These people have no problem with the way the trump administration
operated and truly believe he was robbed in the election. They will be
obstacles to our democratic vision.  I think we will have to heat up hope
and bring on the fire.