The Naked Truth/Jamala Rogers
End of Year Reflections and
New Year’s Resolutions
Jamala Rogers

People of color, women, trans people, immigrants, refugees and those with disabilities were not spared either. This is an evil administration
that boasts of its racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia.

As 2017 comes to a painful end with the tax cut punch to the gut, we can expect more where the above anti-human actions came from.  It’s
clear that the working class is out of shape for the fight ahead. We need to shed some pounds and some skin. Most of the latter is rooted in
privilege — unearned and fabricated.

Getting rid of the skin will be harder than the pounds we need to shed. The skin I’m referring to is our unhealthy and unproductive practices
and projections that help maintain and tighten the choke-hold of capitalist oppression and state repression. Our attitudes about the “other” help
to feed the beast and it goes totally against our collective self-interests.

Those folks who thought trump was their buddy got a reality check when he rewarded his real class buddies in the 1 Per Cent with that
whopping tax cut creating a trillion deficit. The plan is to pay for it by whacking on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

This fragile democracy is going into free fall. The only people to save it is us — the 99 Per Cent. And while I realize this class designation is
simplistic and not very scientific, it does beg the question of where is the disappearing middle class and recognizing the power of the
expanded working class.

This country had serious problems before trump took office. In a civil society, one must own the problem even if one didn’t create it so that we
can work to resolve them together. Humans are responsible for creating problems like global warming, wage inequality, terrorism. We are
obligated to come up with solutions.

This is no chronological, sequential process. We must be simultaneously engaging in problem-solving and social transformation. While we’re
shedding cellulite and fat from our bodies, we must be dropping the dead weight of ideologies that keep us from seeing one another as whole
and valued human beings. A new world is possible if we are committed to starting with ourselves first.
What a year this has been.

President trump has signed the least amount of new laws than any contemporary president. But he’s gone buck
wild in undoing laws and policies of previous commanders-in-chief, especially President Obama. Under the trump
regime, the working majority has been getting sucker-punched all year. The list of repeals and bans is long; here
are a few.

Some of the punches we took this year include the repeal of most of Obama care. No more citizen class actions
against blood-sucking financial institutions.  Back to mandatory sentences and private prisons. The smack down
of net neutrality.

The environment didn’t get a pass either.  The U.S. ducked out of the Paris climate agreement while blocking the
Clean Power Plan. The doors were opened for fracking, drilling for oil in the Arctic and filling the air with vehicle