Vol. 14 No. 25
December 16, 2019
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The Naked
by Jamala Rogers
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Be the Love You Want to See
amazed that his supporters still believe everything he dishes out to them. He could tell them that the world is flat and we would see Fox News reporting that they just
discovered that the world is flat and all of a sudden, there would be all of these converts to the Flat World Society.

I mean I can’t just believe the latitude our society gives Trump, especially conservative evangelicals who are apparently saying, ‘Oh well, it always just was about the
earthly power. Morals and spirituality are no longer needed.’ And so I am fascinated with this period where the basic laws of political gravity no longer apply to the
world I have observed and studied over the past 40 years or so.

This has to be considered the golden age of white privilege. I mean Trump has been married three times. He has been accused of many extra-marital affairs, not to
speak of groping women and being proud of it. I know that if President Barack Obama had merely looked at another woman, people would have been clamoring for
his impeachment, talking about what low morals Obama had. If this isn’t a case of white privilege, I don’t know what else is.

And on the other hand, I am abhorred by the callousness of the man who occupies the White House who has allegiance and commitment to no one. He caused
hundreds of Kurds to be killed in Syria because he woke up one day and decreed that U.S. troops would hastily leave northern Syria. I’m still wondering what kind of
deal Trump made with Vladimir Putin and Russia and Turkey with the rushed implementation.

And I can’t help but be abhorred with the moves that Trump has made on the U.S. southern border, separating children from their parents so that he could kiss up to
his racist political base. What happens as a result of his actions has no consequence for Trump. It means nothing to him. Lives will be lost and a generation of young
Latino children scarred.

If all of this were just limited to Trump, then perhaps I wouldn’t be so concerned and borderline depressed. --
And I have to admit that I am abhorred by and fascinated with Donald Trump. I am fascinated in the sense that it seems that with each
passing day, Trump does more and more outlandish things, kind of like a kid who keeps pushing the boundaries and peeking to see if his
parents are ready to blow their stacks and finally ground him. It’s like Trump lives in a permissive society that never wants to say no to him.
And I am fascinated with and almost astounded that Trump remains in office and hasn’t been run out of Washington, D.C. on a rail. I am
One has to keep one’s guard up these days. And I love and hate being in the news business. I don’t want to
pay attention to the news, but I have to pay attention to it, all of the negativity that can exist in this world. If
you take it to heart, it will send you spiraling down into the depths of depression.
The Naked
by Jamala Rogers
by Fabu
Advocate for Affordable
Immigration Application Fees
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