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                                        Legislature Out of Line
The Naked
by Jamala Rogers
My, my my how Wisconsin has skidded down the ranks of the state governments most admired. I remember my days pursuing a degree in political science from
UW-Madison back in the 1970s and early 1980s. Back then, we were a shining example of how state government worked for health, safety and welfare of its citizens
in an open and transparent way.

When I was an intern in the office of State Senator Warren Braun, I saw the collegiality of the Democratic and Republican legislatures. While keeping to their ideals
and political principles, they actually worked together and compromised like adults. And sometimes they would hang out with each other when the legislature wasn’t
in session.

I learned with pride that we were the birthplace of unemployment insurance and worker’s compensation. Out of UW-Madison came many of the intellectual
underpinnings for Social Security. “When you said Wisconsin, you said it all.”

But our state government has been on a downward slide into the gutter for the past 15 years or so. Now when you say that you are from Wisconsin, people take pity
on you. How embarrassing!
For me, the slide began with the Republican and Democratic scandals on the 2000s when legislators were using publically-paid legislative staff to do partisan political

And then when the state legislative districts got gerrymandered after the 2010 election and U.S. Census, apparently people didn’t feel the need to compromise
anymore because their electorates — at least a majority plus one — reflected their own intransigent views. And so we were electing legislators of opposite polls and if
one compromised to further the work of state government and the state of Wisconsin, one was considered a traitor and would be threatened with a primary
challenger who was well-funded by secret and wealthy benefactors. --
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By Jonathan Gramling
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by Fabu
Vol. 13    No. 25
DECEMBER 10, 2018