Vol. 15  No. 24
NOVEMBER 30, 2020
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by Heidi M. Pascual
The Naked
by Jamala Rogers
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by Jonathan Gramling      
God Bless the Child
As the Thanksgiving holiday came and went, I was reminded over and over again how much I have to be
thankful for even though I do feel anxious and miserable from time to time due to COVID-19 and the impact
it has had on all of our lives.

And before I talk about an incident that I had before Thanksgiving, I just have to share this take on
The Naked
by Jamala Rogers
asked if Natives celebrate Thanksgiving. I want to share that this is a holiday and it is a time for Natives that we use to celebrate a year of good harvest, to give
thanks for our family and to continue the traditions of our ancestors who made it a habit to open their doors to guests, offer food and be hospitable hosts to travelers.”

Those Pilgrims lived to see another year due to the hospitality of the Natives in Massachusetts those several centuries ago. If only the rest of us were so hospitable.

What makes this world go round and the quality of life that we enjoy is determined, in many ways, by the kindness that we show on each other. No system can meet
the needs of 100 percent of the people who exist within it and so it is the individual decisions that we make in our everyday lives that hold the world together and
remind us of our humanity and spirituality.

As many of you may know, I have been a non-profit accountant for the past almost 40 years. It is that constant work — and pay — that has allowed me to pursue
much of my community work such as The Capital City Hues. Neither it nor I would survive if The Hues had to support me full time.

And it was in this capacity that I saw the Lord work in mysterious ways. Sunday before last, I had to go out to the Lussier Community Education Center to get some
documents that I needed to complete an application for them. I procrastinated most of the morning and got inspired — temporarily — to get off my duff and drive
out there to get the data.

As I approached the front door, I saw a young lady with her son who was maybe 2-3-years-old. As I got to the door and pulled my keys out, I asked her, “Is
everything okay?’ She and her son looked cold and the center isn’t open on Sunday during COVID-19. --
by Fabu
Representing District and the
Thanksgiving by Tara Tindall that I couldn’t fit into her article.

“The Native American Heritage Month is of course the Thanksgiving month,” Tara said. “I’m asked about resources and stereotypes. I’m