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NOVEMBER 29, 2012

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Reflections/Jonathan Gramling
                                 In Thanksgiving
I really have no reason for complaint when I look at my life. Sure it could be better. But I also realize that
it could be much, much worse. And so I must give thanks to the innumerable people who have touched
and helped shape my life for the 60 years that I have been on this planet.

I give thanks to all of the community leaders who put on so many forums and events throughout the year
that enrich all of our lives. I have to give a special shout out to Clyde Gaines, the driving force behind
the Fall Gospel Festival each year. This year’s festival held at Mt. Zion Baptist Church was a wonderful
intergenerational affair featuring positive messages delivered in hip hop, R&B and gospel styles. It was
such an uplifting experience. And I have to tell you, the overwhelming piece for me was when The
Evereadys, the male R&B group, left the stage and started singing as they walked up the aisle. They
would walk, pause and sing and then walk again.

All of the music was good and the special part was when the performers would come out into the
vestibule of the church and pose for photos with members of the audience. The hip hop group Level 3:16
really struck a chord with Jasmine Winston as she eagerly posed with the group and got their
autographs. Clyde produces the festival from the heart and you know he has an eye for talent. This is a
not-to-be missed event.

One also has to give thanks to people who have been there, but may not be there now. Since I got
involved in the newspaper publishing business in 1999, Jim Webendorfer had been my contact at Capital
Newspaper’s Wingra Press. Jim was — and is — a great guy who always worked with me so that I could
put out the best product possible. His customer service was second to none. Well after 28 years, Jim got
the axe back in September when his position was eliminated due to budget cuts. How unfair life can be.
But I am thankful for the assistance that Jim gave me over the years and wish him the best. And I am
grateful for all of the folks at Wingra Press who make us look good every other week.

And one of the hidden forces behind The Capital City Hues is Ty Glenn. Ty is one of the partners who own
The Capital City Hues. Many of you may know Ty as one of the floor managers for Dane Dances each
summer. Every two weeks, Ty delivers The Hues on the west side of Madison. He’s been doing it since
our first issue was published back in March 2006. Unfailingly, Ty has been on the J.O.B. these past
almost seven years. I just have to publicly thank him for his service. Ty, you are a great guy and keep on
being you!

And of course, I am grateful for all of the partners of The Capital City Hues.

One of them is Heidi Pascual who is also the publisher of Asian Wisconzine, the online monthly
magazine. Up until April 2010, Heidi was the managing editor of The Capital City Hues as well. The poor
economy along with some pressing family problems forced Heidi to move back to her native Philippines.
From the Philippines, Heidi is still the webmaster for The Hues and formats our classified ads. She also
maintains Asian Wisconzine from there with the help of a local reporter.

Heidi and her family had a difficult year. She lives in Quezon City, a suburb of Metro Manila. Two
typhoons came through this past summer and caused extensive flooding. Fortunately the flood waters
stopped several blocks from Heidi’s home. Nonetheless her two grandsons caught pneumonia and were
hospitalized. And the weather and smog of the Manila area aggravated Heidi’s asthma.

I am grateful that Heidi and her loved ones are safe for now. And I am also grateful that Heidi has
unflinchingly performed her duties from thousands of miles away, issue in and issue out. I was always
mystified when Heidi couldn’t find meaningful work in Madison after she stopped printing Asian
Wisconzine and she could no longer support herself. She has so many ideal qualities that any employer
would treasure. I am grateful that she works with me.

And I am grateful that President Obama won re-election for so many different reasons. But one of the
reasons directly touches this newspaper. Before President Obama, the Clinton and Bush administrations
ignored the small press like ours. We received nothing from their campaigns and nothing from their White
Houses. But President Obama has consistently involved the small press like ours. We have readily
received press credentials from his campaign and from the White House. Not only has he involved us in
our democracy, he has also involved us in the issues of the day.

I wonder what impact this had on his reelection, especially in the swing states. Did this approach help
galvanize communities of color and increase their voting percentage? Did this approach give him an
edge? I think it was part of it. And now that he has been reelected, The Hues and other small publications
continue to hear from the White House. And The Hues will be present when President Barack Obama is
sworn in on January 21st. Are the Republicans paying attention?