by Jonathan Gramling
Jonathan Gramling
                                              Giving Thanks
I am grateful for Heidi Pascual, our associate editor who performs her duties maintaining our website and formatting our classified ads and
Happening sections. I see Heidi every 2-3 years, on average, because she has lived in The Philippines for the past eight years. And yet she is
rarely late with her sections and is someone I can count on — she has my back — without saying a word. I am blessed that I don’t have to
supervise Heidi and she still gets her quality work done every two weeks and has been doing that for almost 13 full years. Heidi, you’re a gem.

I am grateful to Hedi Rudd for all of the color that she has brought into the paper through her photos as our staff reporter during 2018. They
definitely make a contribution.

The Capital City Hues would not have become the newspaper it is today without the 11 partners who make up the partnership board and make
the major decisions about the paper. Heidi and I are two of the partners. One of our partners was the late LaMarr Billups who died a little over
seven years ago. At our annual partnership meeting held November 12th at Buraka on Williamson Street — we always hold them at
restaurants owned by or managed by people of color — we raised a glass to toast LaMarr. His true contributions to Madison went mainly
unnoticed, which is the way that LaMarr intended it to be.

I always like to say that The Capital City Hues is African American, Latino, Asian American and Euro-American owned, written and read. We
are vertically, horizontally and whichever way you want to look at it integrated. Our very foundation is set in the communities that we cover
and I am grateful for that.

And so I raise a glass — of water — in toast to our partners. We couldn’t do it without you.
There wouldn’t be a Capital City Hues without our advertisers. We don’t live by bread alone, but it certainly helps. We are a modest business,
grossing less than $100,000 per year. We are in business to print a newspaper and we do not print a newspaper to make money and a profit.
We all hold down other jobs while working at The Hues, earning about 40 percent or less of what we are worth.

The revenue that we do get to pay the bills and our meager salaries comes primarily from advertisers. We have some like Madison Gas &
Electric, Edgewood College and the Madison Metropolitan School District that advertise in every paper. The anonymous advertiser who pays
for the Urban Treasure feature each issue must also be placed in that category. We also have very strong advertising partners in the University
of Wisconsin-Madison and Madison College. There are a lot of organizations that also advertise with us. I know their dollars are limited and so
I am doubly appreciative. We are grateful for every advertising dollar we receive and we put it to good use. Thank you, thank you, and thank

We also have subscribers who pay $45 per year to have The Hues delivered to their door. They come from as far away as Texas and
Mississippi. We don’t make much of a profit from our subscribers as we have to pay first-class postage. But it is nice to have subscribers
who pay their hard-earned money to get the news from The Hues. We are humbled and grateful!
I am very grateful for the estimated 12,000 to 15,000 readers of The Capital City Hues. I feel sometimes like ‘The Mouse that Roared.’
Although we don’t have the largest readership in town, I know them to be a community activist sort of reader who read The Hues to find out
what is going on within Dane County’s communities of color and then use the material as they seek to make change in ways both large and

I wish I could afford to pay for a survey to find out who exactly reads The Capital City Hues. I have my suspicions because of the people
who stop me on the street or in stores to say thanks. But it would be nice to know someday.

We remain committed to change for the positive for the Madison area’s communities of color. And we thank all of you who help us in ways
large and small to work towards that mission. We couldn’t do it without you!

I also must say that I am grateful to God, the Creator, for allowing me to spend 66 years on this earth. It’s a club I belong to that gets smaller
each year. Enjoy your life and make it meaningful while you can. And give thanks!
By the time The Hues’ readership peruses this column — I always hope — Thanksgiving and all of the
weekend football games will have come and gone. And while I got the chance to spend a few hours with
my son and extended family at my sister Anne’s house, always a good time, almost all of the four days
of the Thanksgiving weekend were spent focused on a book that I am helping to edit and then on getting
this issue of The Hues completed and sent to the printer on Monday, November 26th.

Nonetheless it is very important to give thanks to those who help you get the job done and to live your
life with a modicum of quality. And on this day, I have to first say thanks to Diane O’Dair and all of the
folks at Wingra Press because unless they do a great job at printing a beautiful paper, no matter what we
do on our end, it won’t be beautiful. There is an art form to blending four basic colors to get an infinite
variety of colors and for people’s faces to actually look realistic and not like green creatures from Mars.
I am especially grateful because I was/am two hours late in meeting my press time and they graciously
will fit me in today. If we didn’t get printed today, it would have been a week before they could fit us in.
Thanks Diane!