Editor's Corner
by Jonathan Gramling      
Trump: The Tragic Figure
Jonathan Gramling
Although I haven’t been able to watch the House of Representative — I almost said Democratic Party’s — public hearings on the
possible impeachment of Donald Trump, I have to admit that I have been keeping track and score by sneaking in peeks of web
news services to see how the effort is going.

If you look at the CNN.com website, it is consumed by news about Trump and the impeachment process, with seemingly new
revelations coming out by the hour. And then if you go to the CBSNews.com website, there are a couple of articles about
impeachment as a matter of fact accounting of the news of the day. And so I try to read at least these two, if not more, to get a
sense of what is going on in the Trump proceedings.

Now I will never feel sorry for Donald Trump because he pretty much brings things down on himself and has caused pain and
suffering to innumerable others. But I can’t help, but look at him as a tragic figure who will be vanquished sometime in the end
alone.While through his fiery rhetoric and deceit, Trump has captured the adulation of millions of conservatives, ultra-right-
wingers, white supremacists and others, I never get the sense that anyone likes Donald Trump. I remember the times when I
used to see President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama holding hands and their body language suggested that yes,
they are together.

But I haven’t really gotten that same sense of affection from President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump. I mean they appear together, but I don’t get the
message that they are together.I can’t help but feel that people are attracted to Donald Trump because he represents money and wealth to them. It is these two items
— and not personal appeal or a sense of loyalty — that cause people to work for him and be around him. Once the money and the power are gone, then his minions
will leave him as well. No one will bemoan Donald Trump’s downfall unless they haven’t been able to cash out the relationship yet or get appointed to some
prestigious post.

Donald Trump is a poor, little rich kid who pretends that he is a self-made billionaire and is a god among mortals. He keeps people in line through the possibilities of
wealth and fear of his scathing tongue or finger in the case of Twitter. Again, these do not inspire loyalty or love. It just means that Donald Trump is out here on his
own and fill fail on his own as he is vanquished by even some whom he considered to be friends or loyal.There is a truism that says that the truth will always come
out in the end. As of last month, The Washington Post said that Trump has made 13,435 lies or misrepresentations since he took office in 2017. That’s whole lot of lies
and if Trump was Pinocchio, his nose would stretch from sea to shining sea.

And due to this, I can’t help but think that Trump exists in a spiritual and mental isolation because his view and experience clashes so much with the experience of
most people in this country. He does live in a separate reality where white is black and good is bad, our enemies are our friends and our friends are our enemies.
Does he even know what the truth is anymore? Is he so lost in lies that he couldn’t recognize the truth or facts even if they hit him in the face?

Trump has to be isolated if he thinks that Russian President Vladimir Putin or Third Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un are his friends. Maybe Trump looks at
them like his peer group because they run their countries like Trump has run his countries, very autocratically without any kind of human empathy. But Trump will
never be a peer to them because in some ways, Trump is faking it and they are the real deal, ruthless dictators as opposed to a wannabe. And so they know of Trump’
s weakness and his need to be accepted by them and the need to be the best. And so they just feed his ego and pretend to be Trump’s friends while they milk him for
every foreign policy and economic advantage they can. For Trump, it is Trump who is important and the needs of and interests of the United States are secondary.

Donald Trump has to insist that he’s the best because he has never measured up to be the best. Even in 2019, Donald Trump has a Barack Obama obsession.
Everything that Trump does, he insists that he has done it better than Obama did. In his heart, Trump doesn’t believe he is good enough and that is why he has to
proclaim it to the world that everything he does is the best and he is never wrong.There is a true case of narcissism at work here and that is a mental health issue. I
can’t help but feel that Donald Trump is a little of center now and it can only get worse as the impeachment proceedings continue. I can’t help but fear the uproar that
he will cause when the Democratic House votes for his impeachment, joined by some Republicans who see the writing on the wall and realize that Trump may
actually hurt them more than help them in the 2020 elections.And then once the cracks in his red Republican wall begin to show and chunks of the foundation begin to
fall away, I fear for Donald Trump when he begins to realize that it’s all over as he wallows in his emotional and social bunker. There is no worse feeling when you
realize the adulation of the millions was just another lie perpetrated by their own desires. Trump will be alone and vanquished, deserted by even those whom he
thought cared for him. Ye shall reap what ye has sown. And for Donald Trump, that is a lot of pain and suffering. And he will be along. And that is tragic.