Impeachment Season
The Naked
by Jamala Rogers
I believe the right decision was made to initiate the impeachment inquiry process. It took the phone call between Ukrainian President Volodymyr
Zelensky and U.S. President trump to push the Democrats over the neon line of indecision. The intent of the call was clear: trump attempted to extort
trash on the Biden family in exchange for a $400 million aid package already approved by the Congress.For months, House Majority Leader Nancy
Pelosi was reluctant to move forward amidst calls for impeachment before, during and after the Mueller investigation. Pelosi’s basic reasoning
seemed to be that impeachment would be divisive for the country and support was lacking from the American people. Her choice would’ve been to
delay impeachment and wait for the 2020 elections. Our democracy can’t wait.

I simplified the rationale to fearing vulnerable Democrats might lose their seats. What trump has been doing under the guise of his presidency is
putting our fragile republic at risk. I maintained that the Democrats were missing a big opportunity to have national civic lesson with the entire
country. We need to understand what it means to use one’s public office to advance one’s personal business interests aka the Constitution’s
emolument clause.
Enough on Pelosi and the Dems. They have finally stepped up to
proclaim this impeachment season and protect our democracy. I want
to shift to how the GOP is minimizing the president’s shake-down of a
foreign leader.Here’s what we are hearing from trump’s defenders.  
Yes, the call to Zelensky happened but it’s not that serious because
he got his aid package. No harm, no foul. Wrong!

A person plans to blow up a government building but somehow the
plan was thwarted. That person is still going to get arrested, charged,
convicted and imprisoned. The world has watched trump’s litany of
abuses of power since he took office. He was bound to cross the line
at some point. That point is now and mitigating the crime only adds to
the criminality.

As part of the inquiry, key witnesses are being called to give public
testimony. Top officials like William Taylor, George Kent and Marie
Yovanovitch have direct information (not hearsay) on the infamous
phone call. Most of what their testimony will do is collaborate the
whistle-blower’s accusations.

I am not optimistic that there will be an impeachment. The Senate
must vote on the matter even if the House votes to impeach. There
must be some acknowledgement of trump’s open and bodacious
efforts to use foreign powers to influence U.S. elections. Speaker
Pelosi has been careful to center the impeachment inquiry on
Constitutional grounds. Even if her efforts fail, a record of the process
will be an important documentation of this period and an indictment of
the trump presidency.

The inquiry is likely to expose other scenarios of trump’s bribery and
bullying. There will be connections — illegal and unethical — that will
be revealed during the impeachment inquiry. A bunch of trump allies
have already been indicted on several charges. Some, like Paul
Manafort, are serving time. This so-called president has committed
high crimes and misdemeanors. He finally crossed the line in a
manner that was clear and indefensible. This thing could get
complicated and convoluted but let’s keep our eyes on the prize:
protecting a democracy.