Vol. 15  No. 23
NOVEMBER 16, 2020
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by Heidi M. Pascual
The Naked
by Jamala Rogers
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by Jonathan Gramling      
In Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is just around the corner on November 26th next week. Time flies the older you get, but during
COVID-19, it has been flying by in the most peculiar ways. At least for me, as the year rolls out, there are
different activities of events that I do or participate in. If it is the second Saturday in June, I know that the
Juneteenth Day celebration in Penn Park will be going on. It’s the same with Africa Fest being held the
second Saturday in August at McPike Park. Come Labor Day, I will be sipping brews at a Beer Garden in
The Naked
by Jamala Rogers
Taking Diversity & Inclusion to the
Next Level
Milwaukee with my extended family, enjoying those last golden rays of summer before the children head off for school the next day. And
there are always the reliable Centro Hispano, Urban League and NAACP banquets that mark the fall landscape.
But these “north stars” in my life are no longer shining this year as we continue to wisely shelter-in-place to allow the COVID-19 tsunami to pass and we can once
again come out into the sunlight together. Even weekday and weekend hold no real meaning. I know that time has passed because my calendar tells me it has along
with the change in seasons.

I have never been one who has enjoyed Zoom and other digital and virtual forms of being together although I know they are the best that we have right now. I much
prefer the in-person hugging and handshaking and looking in people’s eyes and getting all the inference of what they are saying through their body language. I like
people and I miss the simple interactions that I took for granted before this whole COVID-19 thing hit us.

I miss and am grateful for all of those who have touched my life through the years. And it seems that more and more have passed on this year, some due to COVID-
19 and some of them not. I lost a first cousin, although he was 90 years old at the time and lived a wonderful life. And there is an old friend who is in hospice as I
write this. Life can be so hard.

Just the other day, I learned that Rose Brown had passed. We served together on a committee for the South Madison Revitalization Corporation back in the 1980s and
I always bought my tickets from Rose for Women in Focus’ I Have a Dream Ball each January.

And I saw that Lori Mann Carey just passed. I’ve known Lori since the 1980s as well as a South Madisonians when I lived on the south side and through several
organizations including the Black Chamber and the Mann Scholars program. Lori, her husband Vince and their children are all great people and it leaves a hole in all of
our lives now that Lori has passed. --
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