Brown Girl Green Money
Stay Motivated!
By Angela Fitzgerald Ward

It’s nearing the end of the year, and Brown Girl, Green Money is back! I don’t know about you, but where has the time gone? It feels as though
2017 was just beginning, and now we’re nearing the end of another amazing year. Which for some begs the question — where am I now with
the goals that I set for myself this year? My hope is that you killed it! That you were able to tackle that looming debt, save up money for a rainy
day, and even push yourself to take a leap in a new direction that could prove financially rewarding for you and your family. But I also
completely understand that that isn’t everyone’s story. Maybe you had an unexpected setback or underestimated your expenses for the year.
Whatever the case may be, I want to encourage you to stay motivated and focused on the financial goals that you’ve set.
If you wanted to have an emergency savings fund of $1,000 stashed by the end of 2017, commit to being creative in saving as much as you
can before the clock strikes midnight on December 31st.

If you wanted to eliminate a debt that you have, examine your budget to see how much extra you can afford to put towards that debt until it is
paid off. Also consider creating a side hustle to help expedite that debt payoff.

If you wanted to venture into investing, start doing your research on the best approach for you and open that necessary account.

If you want to be an overall better money manager, start using a free budgeting program and enlist the support of accountability partners to help
you keep your spending in check.

And if you don’t know where to start — hit me up at and we can discuss some ideas given your goals and
what is ultimately most important to you.

You can accomplish the financial goals that you’ve set for yourself. Say it again, this time with your chest: You can accomplish the financial
goals that you’ve set for yourself!

I’m a firm believer that any goal can be accomplished. But the first step towards that process is having the belief that your goals are attainable
and staying committed to the course of action necessary to achieve those goals.

So stay motivated. You can do this, and we’ll give some how-to examples next month. Stay tuned ;)

Angela is a researcher/program evaluator turned financial educator by day, and crime fighter by night. And by "crime", she means the
perceived inability to turn dreams into reality. She also hosts a show called Wisconsin Life on Wisconsin Public Television - and thinks it
would be cool if you watched :) She can be reached at if you'd like to share your money story, chop it over
life goals, or all things Shonda Rhimes. Also, check out Brown Girl, Green Money online at and on the book of
faces at