Vol. 13    No. 23
NOVEMBER 12, 2018
Editor's Corner
by Jonathan Gramling      
by Heidi M. Pascual
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                                              Electoral Aftermath
The Naked
by Jamala Rogers
What an election cycle it was that kind of ended on November 6th or was that November 7th since some races
weren’t called until the wee hours of the morning. And it kind of stopped because we have two U.S. Senate and
two gubernatorial races that haven’t been decided yet and won’t be until at least November 14th or well into
December, depending if lawsuits will be filed.

Outside of the election returns, I realized that it was the end of the election cycle because the number of political
mailings that I received has gone down dramatically. And my daily email total has decreased by 50 emails or so
because political campaigns were no longer requesting money, sort of.

I don’t know how it happened — of course I do, my contact info was sold — but I was receiving emails from
campaigns from all across the country. I didn’t send them any money and I would be amused when I would get
emails from these campaigns thanking me for helping them meet a campaign finance deadline that must have been
happening every week.

And if you took them seriously, the emails would have driven you crazy. One minute, the Democratic Party is
riding high and the next minute, it’s a looming disaster. During the campaign, Robert Mueller, the special
prosecutor looking into possible ties between the Trump presidential campaign and Russia, was near firing at least a
dozen times. I have almost been numbed by the predictions that now that Trump fired Attorney General Sessions
and dubiously named Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general — someone who disparaged Mueller’s probe in
an op-ed in 2017 — Mueller may actually get fired. --
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Poetry: An Omen
By Dr. Roberta Hill