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NOVEMBER 1, 2012

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Reflections/Jonathan Gramling
                       Vote and make a difference
U.S. President and Congressional Seats
on the line
There has probably been no better contrast of philosophies between the Democratic and Republican
parties than their response to national natural disasters. Back in August 2005, Hurricane Katrina
decimated the city of New Orleans and much of the coast of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. The
resulting loss of life and property damage made Katrina our nation’s most destructive natural disaster ever.
And despite the unfolding images of horror flashing across our television sets of survivors huddled near
the Superdome and the massive destruction, the response of federal government under Republican
George W. Bush was almost hesitant at first as if he had the impulse to let the private sector decide first
what it was going to do and only then would the federal agency FEMA respond. For several days, people
languished in the heat and humidity.

And it was only a couple of days later that President Bush flew over New Orleans to inspect the damage.
Again, it seemed that the Republican Bush Administration had an almost hands-off, let the state handle it
attitude. While the damage was admittedly massive and widespread, the response was feeble and
hesitant as if ideology had trumped compassion as hundreds of thousands suffered.

Now seven years later, another national natural disaster hit the U.S. when Hurricane Sandy ravaged the
East Coast, particularly devastating the state of New Jersey and New York City and its surrounding
areas. Democratic President Barack Obama interrupted his campaign schedule and went back to
Washington, D.C. and started relief efforts before the hurricane hit the United States. He was in constant
contact with the governors of the states in Sandy’s path and mobilized federal resources as the hurricane
hit. He told the federal bureaucracy to cut through the red tape and to find reasons to provide the aide and
not to find reasons to deny the aide.

President Obama move decisively and quickly with the resources of the federal government because he
and the Democratic Party believe that government can be a part of the solution that our nation faces
instead of as the source of the problems we face as the Republican Party and most notably its Tea Party
wing espouse. President Obama had no problem marshalling the resources of the federal government and
the governors, both Republican and Democratic, were grateful for the timely response.

While it will take the Northeast many months to recover from this natural disaster, the suffering of many
will be mitigated and shortened because of President Obama’s response and the negative economic
repercussions that will affect all of us will be mitigated as well.

There are so many reasons why I support President Barack Obama’s reelection including the passage of
the Affordable Care Act and the stimulus plan he enacted, which prevented the Great Recession from
becoming the second coming of the Great Depression. But it is his leadership in a time of crisis, whether it
is a national calamity caused by Hurricane Sandy or the economic devastation caused by “Hurricane Wall
Street,” President Obama has shown courage and leadership when our nation has needed it most. Our
President has had our back and we need to have his as well.

And speaking of having our back, U.S. Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin has had our back as well. Her
advocacy and customer service in Washington, D.C. have been critical in making sure that federal dollars
do return to our local community and that our non-profits have the resources to help make our community

Tammy is on the ballot for the U.S. Senate this November. When I have done some survey work and in
some straw polls, I have noticed a little drop-off between the support of President Obama and Tammy.
President Obama is going to need people in the Senate like Tammy to back is agenda during the next four

Tammy has been no stranger to the Madison area’s communities of color. She has been supportive of
many initiatives in our communities of color. Now is the time for us to be supportive of her in this very
close election.

Vote Barack and Tammy this November 6th!!!