Madison College Announces Grant from
Great Lakes Higher Education Corporati
Fast Track Development
By Jonathan Gramling

It seemed like a distant dream when Madison College approved Dr. Jack Daniels III’s recommendation that the college expand its presence in
South Madison into a complete campus by purchasing and/or renting a building somewhere in the broader South Madison area and develop a
full-service campus.

It still seemed a little distant when Daniels announced on August 28th that the college would be purchasing the WI Employee Trust Funds
facility at the corner of S. Park Street and Badger Road, demolishing the building and building a new facility in three phases with the Goodman
Foundation and the American Family Dream Foundation providing grants to cover the first phase. Yet completion of the second and third
phases seemed distant, left to the raising of an additional $10 million.

On October 30th in the Atrium of the Villager Mall, the completion of all three phases of the Madison College South campus were placed on the
fast track when Madison College and Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation & Affiliates announced a major donation towards the
completion of phases two and three at the same time that phase one will be built.

“I am pleased to tell you that Madison College’s new South campus is on the fast track to completion,” Daniels said. “I place special emphasis
on the word completion as a complex in its entirety. Not only does it include Phase One and Phase Two, but an additional and third and final
phase, which would expand the South campus complex up to 75,000 programmable square feet. That would allow Madison College to offer a
comprehensive wrap-around array of services, additional classrooms and community meeting spaces. Plus community access to social
services and community-based organizations regardless of whether or not the individual is a Madison College student. Ever since the
Madison College District Board of Trustees voted to expand our presence on Madison’s south side, interest in this project has been high and
the response has been extremely positive. But while the need for this comprehensive college has been well-established, it is the generosity of
the philanthropic community that is making it a reality.”

Daniels then left the podium in favor of Dick George, president/CEO of Great Lakes Higher Education. After noting Great Lakes’ ongoing
relationship with Madison College, George made the big announcement.

“The first grant that I am going to announce is a $3 million grant to fund the completion of the monies needed to fund the second phase of the
south side campus,” George said. “That $3 million, as Jack indicated, is going allow the footprint to expand to 45,000 square feet. It will
provide for additional academic services space. But equally important is the community services space integrated into the south side campus.
At great lengths for 50 years, as we focused on post-secondary access and success, one of the things that we realized is that it isn’t just
academics that is a critical component to that access and success. It takes more than studying. It takes a great deal of community support,
social services, emergency aid, tutoring, mentoring, all of those things that bring together community services space and academic support
services will lead to much, much higher rates of success focused here on the south side where some of our most vulnerable cohorts live and
work. And so we are absolutely excited about being able to accelerate that second phase of the project with a $3 million grant.”

But that wasn’t the extent of Great Lakes’ generosity.

“We are offering a $3.5 million challenge grant for Phase Three to bring the entire 75,000 square foot campus to realization much, much sooner
than otherwise could be done,” George continued. “That $3.5 million challenge grant will be available for match funding, dollar for dollar, until
March 30, 2018. And we expect this community will rise to the challenge and that the entire funding required to bring Phases One, Two and
Three to construction simultaneously year ahead of schedule will be a significant improvement to the educational opportunities on the south
side and the overall success of the Madison community and region. It’s a thrill to be able to announce both the $3 million grant and the $3.5
million challenge grant and I hope the entire community works with us to see this through fruition.”

Madison College Board Chair Bill Hasler put the gift in perspective.

“Every day, we hear and see evidence of our divisions,” Hasler said about society in general. “I am heartened that the Madison College South
Campus Initiative is evidence of union in a time of division. We really appreciate this gift and challenge from Great Lakes as evidence of your
commitment to the Madison College Initiative, which at its core is the belief that opportunity will lead to achievement and achievement will
bolster not just South Madison, but all of South Central Wisconsin and the Great Lakes region, which gives you your name. This is a great,
great gift that deserves great, great thanks. Thank you!”

The Madison College South is on a fast track to lift up the educational achievement of residents of greater South Madison and beyond.

People interested in making a donation to match the Great Lakes $3.5 million challenge grant can make out a check to Madison College
Foundation with South Campus Initiative in the memo area of the check and send it to: Madison College Foundation, 3591 Anderson Street,
Madison, WI 53704. People can also give online at