Unfit for Office
This 55-year-old edict has muffled mental health professionals. It has also made it challenging for objective journalists and reporters to speak
directly to the president’s “lack of truthfulness” which is an attribute related to a given disorder. Before trump, to call a sitting president a liar in the
press was unthinkable. I watched the press dance around the honesty issue for months before some broke ranks and called trump on his lying.
Yes, some offered, he’s a pathological liar.

The president is unethical in his business dealings, immoral in his personal life and mentally and emotionally unstable. Most of these character
flaws were known before he stumbled into office. What good is it to know this and be powerless to do anything about it?

Herein lies the problem. The checks and balances put in place by the U.S. Constitution and subsequent laws are being ignored and disrespected
by those in the executive, judicial and legislative branches. Few have stood up and confronted trump. Look how long it took to earnestly initiate the
impeachment inquiry.

The full extent of the damage this man has done is unknown at this time. We know that his cabinet appointees have taken their agencies back 25
years — from the Environmental Protection Agency to the Department of Justice. Decisions by trump’s court jesters will haunt us for generations.
The policies on immigration, trade and security will cripple us for years to come. The vitriolic hate towards people of color and taken up by his
racist, mindless minions is unforgivable.
The Naked
by Jamala Rogers
The 45th president has kept late-night TV hosts supplied with unlimited material for comic relief. With each passing day, the trump administration is
less comedic and the nation is in need of serious relief.

Since trump’s behavior and decisions are on public display, those of us who have a scintilla of sanity know that something is wrong with this man.
The chaos in this administration is unparalleled. Firings, resignations, indictments, prison. The world has seen it all.

Those with the expertise and courage have drawn some general (but frightening) conclusions. They have tried to warn us that the man with access
to unbridled and far-reaching power is dangerous and unfit for the office of the U.S. President. Most who are honest about what they observe have
given their solicited and unsolicited professional diagnoses ranging from narcissism to delusion to paranoia.

These pronouncements are in violation of the 1964 American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) Goldwater Rule when hundreds of psychiatrists
publicly signed off on the disturbing mental state of then presidential candidate Barry Goldwater.  The APA issued a policy declaring it was unethical
for any member to offer an opinion without the examination of said person.
All this craziness is left at the doorstep of folks like me and you to figure out
and resolve. Here are a few important assignments for us to take on in the
places we reside.

We must protect the right to vote. We must educate voters and mobilize to
get them to the polls in unprecedented numbers to elect candidates with
progressive agendas and pass ballot initiatives in the interest of working
families. The president and his supporters in the House and Senate must
be defeated at all costs.

Our social justice movements must get stronger and larger if we are to
influence the politics of this country. The movement must become more
relevant to the people we say we are fighting for.

We must engage in principled discussions with those who share our vision
for a just and peaceful world, but for whom there may be differences on
strategy and tactics. This may be our uncle, our co-worker or our
congregation member. We must build an invincible new majority.

It is painfully clear that we have a man in the White House who is unfit for
office. He is destroying any positive gains we’ve made in the last quarter
century. He is charting a self-serving path; an entire nation is collateral
damage. He is dangerous.

The pressures of impending impeachment and legal woes will result in
more destructive behavior from trump. We will witness his increased
unraveling in the coming months. This is not a reality show. This has
become our reality, which means we can change the outcome. Let’s stay
woke and get busy.