In spite of our trials and tribulations, we gather to celebrate another day of living

In spite of the hatred hurled towards us, we march on towards our dreams of

In spite of our dire conditions, we gather to give each other strength and

In spite of our feelings of abandonment, we lift our voices to an unseen God asking
for strength

In spite of promises unkept and broken, we still believe in America’s capacity to

In spite of betrayals, we believe in the lyrics of a simple song that says We Shall

In spite of the spite, we are a forgiving people who do not forget the evil done to us

In spite of everything that goes against us, we march on towards a promised land.

In spite of all that has been done to us, we refuse to let them take our defiant
In remembrance of The Honorable Elijah Cummings

In Spite Of…©

By Kwame S. Salter