Baked Fish in Banana Leaf
I find myself these days planning weeknight dinners that are quick to
prepare, as well as wholesome and delicious. As working parents of
two middle school kids, our schedules are very chaotic. When you
add up work, school, sports, piano lessons, dance classes, and
homework; dinner time is always a struggle. The only way I can keep
a good balance is by planning my meals and doing some prepping
ahead of time.

That's how this easy recipe I am going to share today comes in handy
for busy weeks. You can use any fish you like and do prep the night
before, keep it in the fridge until you get home from work the next day
and cook it in the oven for 20 minutes. That 20 minutes should be
enough time to either cook rice, steam vegetables, or fry ripe plantain
to go with it. I love to use banana leaves for the wrapping because it
gives it an earthy and smoky flavor that evokes memories of my
grandma cooking over an open fire. Banana leaves can be found at
your regular grocery store in the freezer by the Latin products, or in any
Latin store. If you can't find them, this recipe will still work well with
plain foil or even parchment paper. A minimum amount of
ingredients, minimum cooking time, easy to prep; and it yields a
delicious meal to be enjoyed any busy night.

(4 Servings)

1 package of Banana Leaves.
4 Lingcod fillets, about 4oz. each (or any other white fish you prefer).
1 lemon zested and sliced thinly.
1 lime sliced thinly.
1 bunch of fresh herbs (cilantro, mint, oregano).
2 Tablespoons olive oil.
Salt & Pepper to taste.

Preheat the oven to 375F. Separate the banana leaves and choose 4
long pieces. Clean them with a damp towel. You can cut them to
make a 12x10 inch rectangle. Season the fish with salt and pepper.
Place a slice of lemon and a slice of lime in the center of each
banana leaf. Top each with the fish fillet. Sprinkle the lemon zest on
top. Divide fresh herbs and add on top, save some cilantro and mint
to garnish later. Drizzle half tablespoon of olive oil. Wrap it up folding
the sides of the leaf towards the center. You should have a square
package. Place in a baking sheet with the fold side down. Bake for 20
minutes. To serve, place each package on a plate, fold side up. Open
carefully as it will be steaming inside. Cut the sides of the leaf if it's
too long. Remove the cooked herb and add fresh cilantro and mint to
garnish. Serve with your favorite side. Enjoy!
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