Vol. 14 No. 21
October 21, 2019
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Three Queens
Anyone who has been involved in Madison’s Juneteenth Day celebrations for the past 30 years knew Addrena. She was always right there helping out with the
committee and was always present at many a community festival and activity. She was also involved in the Urban League Guild and the Wisconsin Women of Color
Network and had been its president, if I am not mistaken. I would always run into Addrena, something that I would take for granted. People often say that I am
everywhere. Well Addrena was right up there with me.

And then in order to take care of her, Mona moved Addrena down to northern Mississippi where she has lived the past 5-6 years.

Addrena always had a beautiful smile that was framed by the exquisite and colorful hats that she wore. She was always very kind and would always offer a hug. She
will be sorely missed.

I got to know Dr. Fannie Frazier Hicklin during the time that I became a journalist. I had known her daughter, Ariel Ford, for a few decades, but I think Fannie’s life
was centered in Whitewater, for the most part, during her teaching career. And then it was during her retirement that she became more involved in Madison thanks, in
large part, to her membership in the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.

Fannie reminded me of so many women whom I had met when I lived in Mississippi back in the 1970s. She always had an air dignity and Southern charm and grace.
She always retained at least part of her Southern lilt. Fannie was very kind and supportive to me personally. I know she read The Capital City Hues because she
particularly liked my columns when I wrote about President Donald Trump.

I was Fannie’s “official” photographer at her 90th birthday party at the Edgewater Hotel and at her 100th birthday party — one of many — hosted by the AKAs out at
Bonefish Grill.--
Hidden Battlegrounds
“UW 4 Whites Only”
By Angelica Euseary
of by her daughter Mona Adams Winston. And then just this past Saturday, I learned that Dr. Fannie Frazier Hicklin passed away at the age of
101 on Friday, October 18th. And then I just learned about an hour ago that Mother Jacqueline “Jackie” Wright had passed. Three scions —
three queens — of Madison’s African American community and beyond were taken from us in three short weeks.
by Fabu

By Tehmina
They always say that things come in twos and threes and that includes the passing of people whom you
care about and have left their marks on your life.

On October 1st, Addrena “Supergrams” Squires passed away in Mississippi where she had been taken care