Vol. 14 No. 20
October 7, 2019
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Congrats Madison College
greater South Madison residents in a limited capacity.

And then Dr. Jack Daniels III was selected as the new president of Madison College back in 2013, a little over six years ago. There was some consternation in the
community. Dr. Daniels was a numbers-driven administrator. Was Madison College South showing high enough numbers so that the Madison College presence would
remain in South Madison? Or would the numbers cause Dr. Daniels to move in another direction.

Fortunately when looking at the Madison area’s overall market for potential Madison College students, it was the greater South Madison area that included the
bordering neighborhoods of the South Beltline from Hwy. 51 to Gammon Road, which exhibited the area with the most promise. And so Dr. Daniels proposed
establishing a new Madison College South campus in the broader South Madison area, which included areas of Fitchburg and parts of Madison all the way up to
Regent Street. The DTEC Center would be closed and the land leased for 99 years.

Through a string of events, including the WI Employee Trust Funds being moved to the new state office building in the Hill Farm area, the state building and land
became available at the corner of S. Park Street and Badger Road. An ideal location adjacent to a public transportation hub, a major roadway and in the heart of the
targeted market area was available and Dr. Daniels and his staff secured it.

Instead of going out to referendum to get approval for the spending of state tax dollars for the project, Dr. Daniels went out to the community and asked it to build the
school. The Goodman Foundation, American Family, Great Lakes Higher Education — now called Ascendium — CUNA Mutual and many other community
businesses and individuals answered the call and the $23 million or so needed to build the school was secured. --
It had been a dream for several generations. Back
in the 1980s, Dr. Richard Harris and Maria
Hernandez Bañuelos advocated for and paved the
way for a Madison College presence on Madison's
When We Fight, We Win!
South side. And so an addition was made to the south end of the Madison Labor
Temple building on S. Park Street and Madison College South was born.
After a length of time, Madison College South moved to the Villager Mall. Having a Madison College
presence in South Madison wasn’t shared by all and there were times when it came perilously close to being
shut down. But like many things in South Madison, the campus was tenacious and held on while it served

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