Vol. 15  No. 20
OCTOBER 5, 2020
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The Naked
by Jamala Rogers
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by Jonathan Gramling      
Crazy Donald Trump
It’s that time of my two week cycle again for me to write my column as the last thing I do before I send the
paper off to the press. And as I sit here thinking about what to write about, I am trying my hardest not to
write about our Child-King — I mean President — Donald Trump. Trump is like that spoiled little child who
The Naked
by Jamala Rogers
A Time of Profound Change
(State of Wisconsin Education
By State Superintendent Carolyn
Stanford Taylor
keeps rolling the pencil off the desk to get attention or throws their food around the room to get a reaction from the startled adults in the room.

But before I go there, I do want to give kudos to Maribeth Witzel-Behl, Madison’s city clerk, and her staff. While I may be biased in that her
office has taken out some full-page ads in The Capital City Hues encouraging people to vote and giving them as many avenues as possible to do
so, I am thrilled by their efforts to make our Democracy work. They aren’t waiting for people to come to the City County Building. They are taking their efforts out
into the community to help make this voting cycle as safe as possible, especially since COVID-19 appears to be raising its ugly head once again.

Democracy in the Park was an incredible idea to make registering to vote and absentee voting a community event. It’s like the old adage, “If Muhammad can’t go to
the mountain, then bring the mountain to Muhammad.” It’s my understanding, notwithstanding the last minute threats of the two self-appointed governors in the
legislature, Voz and Fitzgerald, to sue to prevent Democracy in the Park from happening, that over 10,000 absentee ballots were handed in to certified poll workers. I
think that represents about one in 15 voters registered in the city of Madison in 2018. How cool is that?

And the Madison clerk’s office is bringing voter registration to many of Madison’s economically-challenged neighborhoods that traditionally have lower voter
turnouts. The Madison Public Library’s Dream Bus regularly makes the rounds in many challenged neighborhoods allowing young people to take out library books
during these very crazy pandemic times.

And I often times notice parents and guardians of the children outside watching over them as they safely access the bus. And now there is something there for the
parents and guardians and young adults. Now they can register to vote, the first step in exercising their constitutional right to choose their leaders. I hope thousands
of new voters register to vote through this initiative.
With all of the state measures that have taken place over the past decade to suppress the vote of everyday Wisconsinites, it is refreshing to see these kinds of efforts
to encourage everyone to participate in our beloved Democracy.

Congratulations to Maribeth Witzel-Behl and her staff. If only all public officials shared your love for Democracy. We surely would be in a better place today.
One could see this Trump drama begin to play out even before he was elected almost four years ago. Especially after he was sworn in, in 2017, he began testing the
waters of what he could get away with in very small ways, ways that he could back out of and say that he was just kidding. And then Trump would look around
when he thought no one was noticing to see what everyone’s reactions were. And when the Republican Party, especially the Republicans in the U.S. Senate, didn’t
say anything or take any steps to curb Trump’s behavior, Trump would try something a little more outlandish and would get away with that too. It’s gotten to the
point where he just nominates and places people in positions throughout the federal government, without even seeking Senate approval and the Republicans do nothing
to stem this unconstitutional behavior.

And now, here we are in the beginning of October with under 30 days to go before the election and Trump contracts COVID-19. Now I am not surprised he
contracted it and I wonder, on some levels, what took him so long. And as others come down with it, we’re finding that the announcement of Trump’s Supreme
Court nominee in the Rose Garden a week or so ago was probably a COVID-19 super spreader event with at least ten of the attendees — including Trump and his
wife — have come down with COVID-19. --
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