Madison College South Campus
Connecting with Resources
with food and child care costs in addition to the things that students need to help them move through college,” Ahedo said. “We’re trying to
pull together a list of resources and put some faces with some of those resources so that they can connect and know that they are
available when they need them during their career as a student.”

Often times at these resource fairs, students will mull around and perhaps visit a couple of tables featuring resources that they feel might
benefit them in the short term. But Ahedo and her staff know that students need to be equipped with knowledge of any resource they may
need throughout their Madison College career.

“This event is called Passport to Success,” Ahedo said. “What we did for the 12 stations that we had is we created a question for each
one of those areas and the student then had to go through their passport, read that question and then find the resource that had the answer
for that particular issue or question. They would visit them, talk to them and hopefully connected with them and got their passport stamped.
They had to complete all 12 scenarios. Once they did that, they dropped their passport off at the front desk and we gave them a gift
certificate to the bookstore.”

Ahedo and their staff know that a lot is riding on these students to complete their education. It is often times bigger than them.

“We try to do is meet the needs of our students,” Ahedo emphasized. “We know from the populations whom we serve where we are
located that it is really important for people to get educated and it is really important to their families for them to get educated. It still
translates into higher paying jobs for people who have some form of education beyond high school. We help people complete high school.
We have the GED program here. There is a learning center. We do that Monday through Thursday in the mornings. And we have the degree-
credit offerings and the college transfer program. There are a lot of different opportunities for them to come and help move themselves and
their families to the place where they want to be.”

And Madison College South is where it wants to be, in the midst of a community that desperately needs its services.
By Jonathan Gramling

The African proverb says that it takes a village to raise a child. Well in order to
educate a student — even returning adult students — it takes a village of
resources. On September 7, the staff of Madison College South and their
community partners introduced that village of resources to new and returning

“These are credit and transitional students, high level ‘non-doing’ students who
have taken classes at the South campus,” said Valentina Ahedo, the manager of
the Madison College South campus. “They may be taking classes at other sites
as well in Madison. It’s such a different experience for them. You haven’t had
people in your family go through it before. If you’re a first-time returning student
or a non-traditional student, Madison College has a lot of non-traditional students
and that is whom we basically serve. These are people who have families. They
are working. They are coming to school. They are trying to balance a lot of
different things and it is easy to let something go out-of-whack so that you’re
studies become one of the least things that you are focused on. Life happens.
That’s just a given. So we try to give them the tools to move through and help
them deal with those situations.”

In order to connect the students with campus and community resources, 12
stations were placed throughout the building.

“We do have a couple of community agencies represented here like UW-
Extension Dane County Financial Education Center to talk about budgeting, the
Wisconsin Well Woman Program to talk about health and healthy eating and Fast
Forward Services to talk about employment and getting additional assistance