It All Comes Back to My Home
Studio on the Near Westside of
Pacal Bayley shot at Taste of Madison.
leaving Madison as a teenager, to film the music video for our single “Hello.”  Ted claims the crew “spent half of the days shooting video and
the other half sight-seeing.”

The result of those three days of work was a video we could be proud of — pretty sophisticated animation of Ted transforming into a living,
breathing Emoji after receiving a vague text message.  Ted agrees and adds, “The creativity, the animation and the storyline [of the video]… it
was so cool, but it was more post-production than live performance.”  The Emoji-theme of the video was an official partnership with our record
label and the Emoji brand, presumably to coincide with the release of the Emoji movie.  Ted only laughed when I asked him how I felt about his
face being obscured by a cartoon throughout his first major label debut music video.

And just weeks after the video’s release, 93.1 JAMZ booked us to perform for the 2017 Taste of Madison.  When I called Ted up to deliver the
news, I knew he would be on the first plane to Madison.  In spite of being a New Yorker, his opinion of traveling back to Madison takes the
form of a cliché, but a sincere one: “There's no place like home.”  I could not agree with him more, and not only because I have chosen not to
relocate.  Leading up to our Taste of Madison performance, 93.1 JAMZ’ Dave Mazur and Brian Holmes both supported our song to the point we
would wake up daily to countless social media posts from locals telling us they were listening to our song on the radio.  

This support means more than the major label contract to us.  We are looking forward to see what the future holds.  As I was completing this
article, I received word from Capitol Records (in France) that the Germany division, the largest market in Western Europe, would be marketing
our song in their territory.  They also spoke of a possible synchronization deal.  I am personally looking forward to Ted’s return in November for
a brief tour stop, and again on December 16th for the 2017 Madison Hip-Hop Awards.  

Then we can get back into my home studio.  
Nearly a decade ago, I recorded a mixtape with a high school
student named Ted Park. This morning, in the same room, we
rehearse for our Taste of Madison performance.  Our Capitol
Records debut music video has been public for about two
weeks.  A lot has happened in between, but for now, we are
enjoying the adrenaline high that comes with anticipating a
large, hometown concert.

Back in November of 2016, Ted and I signed a contract with
Capitol Records after a song we composed in my home studio
— Hello (Who is this) — reached the top 10 of both Billboard
and Spotify’s viral charts.  We waited months to formally
announce the signing because we were not sure when the
label would release the song.  We did decide to release
songs and music videos in the meantime. Ted especially
preferred this strategy as new fans discovering him via
"Hello" could look to his back catalog and browse other
music they will likely enjoy.  In August of 2017, Capitol
Records re-released our song and premiered the music video.

A month before the label debut, a film crew from France flew
into New York, NY, where Ted has lived some years after