The Naked Truth/Jamala Rogers
Kavanaugh’s Confirmation
Not a Shoe-in
Jamala Rogers
A couple of weeks ago, Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination for a life-time job looked like a shoe-in. Now Sen. Jeff Flake has thrown a shoe in the proceedings by
forcing an FBI investigation. The delay will mean the Kavanaugh confirmation will not be nicely tied up by the new session of the High Court on October 1. If
the nomination is not sewed up by the mid-term elections, his confirmation should be in jeopardy if Democrats win back the Senate.

Within the last week, credible allegations of sexual misconduct have ruptured the white male-dominated proceedings by the Senate Judiciary Committee. Dr.  
Christine Blasey Ford was resolute in her testimony before that hostile body. In addition to his reprehensible sexual behavior, witnesses are coming forward to
castigate the purist reputation touted by Kavanaugh and his supporters. Bustin’ one’s butt to get ahead at all costs often has little to do with character
development for the likes of Kavanaugh.

Suspicion mounted quickly as attempts to block Kavanaugh’s non-public statements and emails. It’s been like trying to steal gold bars from Fort Knox. The
public needs to see this nominee’s actions and views when he served as a federal judge, White House attorney and assistant to the prosecutor who
investigated President Clinton.
The White House has withheld over 100,000 pages from the Judiciary Committee. We don’t
have to totally speculate the reasons why.

Brett Kavanaugh’s track record speaks volumes as to why trump nominated him. Kavanaugh
will use the highest court in the land to carry out trump’s racist, misogynistic, militaristic

If you need some proof of Kavanaugh’s record, the Leadership Conference for Civil and
Human has put it in an open letter. In almost every area of judicial review, Kavanaugh has
ruled against working people in favor of corporations and white supremacy. He ruled
consistently on issues affecting the rights of women, immigrants, refugees, workers,
disabled, Black and Brown people. He has unabashedly ruled in favor of the corporate elite
with it came to cases involving health care, the environment and workplace violations. He
upheld the racist status quo in voter rights, affirmative action and criminal cases.
Given the fact that many of trump’s running dogs have already been indicted by Special
Prosecutor Robert Mueller and the investigation is getting closer to trump, Kavanaugh’s
views on presidential power is clear and a predictor of future rulings. Kavanaugh would be
expected to protect trump should this corrupt and evil dictator be brought up on criminal

Kavanaugh has not been a passive judicial participant. If appointed to the U.S. Supreme
Court, he will be aggressive and focused, deliberately crushing any liberty or law that
protects the masses of people. Like trump, he’s extremely dangerous to all living things that
are not white, male and rich.

To paraphrase my sister Maya Angelou — when a person shows you who they are, believe
them. Even before the sexual abuse allegations surfaced, we already had more than enough to
develop an informed assessment about Kavanaugh’s character and world views.  Fair-minded
people must bust their butt to stop his nomination.