Vol. 13    No. 20
OCTOBER 1, 2018
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by Jonathan Gramling      
by Heidi M. Pascual
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                                              Trump, ICE and Voting
The Naked
by Jamala Rogers
There are so many things happening with the Trump Administration and the federal government, it’s hard to keep
track of it all. As Donald Trump does his “rope-a-dope,” things hidden from view start happening in the federal

Will we wake up one day to discover that all of our schools have been privatized? Will we once again begin to see
black clouds on the horizon that are not rain clouds? Will we find out one day that many of our community centers
are closing down because HUD Secretary Ben Carson decided that our urban areas should be able to pull
themselves up by their own bootstraps? After all, his mom and he did it. There are all sorts of shenanigans going on.

Last month, it was revealed that the Trump Administration, with little or no fanfare, transferred $200 million to the
Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. That’s ICE, for short, the agency that has been implementing
Trump’s stepped up enforcement that has been separating children from their parents and decimating some families
where the breadwinner is removed and the U.S. citizen children are left in dour economic straits. Of that $200
million, $107 million went to deportation efforts.

Well Wisconsin experienced what that was all about beginning Friday September 21st when ICE implemented a
statewide raid that netted 83 individuals accused of being in the United States without documentation. Reports are
that while some of the people did have criminal histories, ICE was taking everyone available at the time.

It appears that ICE is becoming an agency that is accountable to no one, a kind of domestic CIA. In the CNN
report about the transfer of $200 million to ICE, they talked about “repeated congressional warnings of ICE's ‘lack
of fiscal discipline’ and ‘unsustainable’ spending.”

No one knows where the money goes, just like the CIA.

In a press conference on September 24th, Congressman Mark Pocan described ICE as a “rogue” agency, an
agency that answers to no one and is increasingly out of control.

Usually — if for no other reason than to maintain collegiality amongst law enforcement — ICE will inform local law
enforcement that an operation is about to be undertaken. This makes a lot of sense. Who knows what will happen if
the police department gets a report of people in black SUVs kidnapping a man out of his own home. It sure seems
to me that it would be a lot safer for local law enforcement to know what is going on. It’s the safe thing to do. --
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