Brown Girl Green Money
“New Car or Nah?”
By Jasmine Zapata, MD
Today I want to talk through a dilemma I'm currently having. I’m hoping our readers can help me out! For many years, my husband and I have
had only one car — a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer. We were able to get by with only one car because since I was at school and the library so much
studying during college and medical school, we didn’t really need two vehicles. I also had free bus passes which were very useful.  It was
awesome because since the one car was paid off, we could save a lot of money! Well last year, my friend was selling her old car (1998 Camry)
for an incredible deal and I ended up purchasing it for less than $1,100. I wasn’t necessarily looking for a second vehicle at the time, but I
couldn’t pass up the deal since the extra transportation could be useful for me now that through windows. Also, the driver’s door is now stuck
so I have to climb out the passenger side of the car! I’m sure the security guards laugh at me every time I get out my car in the heated
physician’s parking lot at work! My car doesn’t really fit in there, especially compared to some of the luxury vehicles, but I don’t care! I have
big financial goals I’m trying to reach (like in real estate investing, entrepreneurship, book writing and more) and I want to save every penny I

But now the question is ... have I taken it too far? Should I keep the “Beater Cam” (as my friend that sold it to me likes to joke) or is it finally
time to get a new car? Should I finally let go? What do you think? I’m on a mission to break the chains of poverty in my generation line and help
others do the same. I have really big financial goals and am very passionate about eliminating debt and saving, but I am also aware that there
is a balance. But I really don’t want to finance a car or spend money on a new or even used car! For now, we are back to one vehicle and it’s
actually working out quite well.  But in the long run… what should I do? New car or nah? Let us hear your thoughts! Has anyone else struggled
with a similar situation? Share your story with us by emailing Also visit us online at www. Have a blessed day everyone!
I was done with school and also had the kids to transport to various
activities. The new car had some issues, but overall it got me from point
A to point B so I was happy!

Well over the last year, the second vehicle has started to have A LOT
more issues. For example, the right headlight is out and the right side of
the car is dented. Also, there is some type of electrical issue where the
doors will unlock and lock all by themselves randomly when I’m driving.
lol. Also, the driver’s window won’t come down all the way, so I have to
open the whole door to get things from drive Hello and welcome to this
week's edition of Brown Girl Green Money. We are a social network of
women of color working to reach financial freedom and support each
other along the way.

It's been a while but I am so excited to be back. I hope everyone's
summer has gone well.