Vol. 14 No. 19
23, 2019
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by Heidi M. Pascual
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by Jamala Rogers
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by Jonathan
International Travel Woes
Heidi became a naturalized U.S. citizen and bought her own condo, but then some of her American Dreams faded a bit with the Great Recession and the collapse of
the print journalism industry. Heidi made Asian Wisconzine an online publication and moved back to The Philippines in 2010 although she maintained her legal
residence here as I, in essence, became her tenant by moving into her condo. She also continued to work for The Capital City Hues as a feature writer, webmaster and
formatter of our classified ads and Happenings section. Heidi continued to pay Wisconsin and U.S. income taxes and maintained her dual U.S. and Filipino citizenships.
Heidi comes back from time to time to visit in the Houston, Chicago and Madison areas.

There hasn’t been any international travel problems for Heidi, but in the Trump era, it is a different story for Heidi’s daughter Sherry.

Sherry is a Filipino citizen although Heidi has filed an immigration petition on her behalf. Sherry is married and has two children. Sherry makes her living in the Metro
Manila area as a real estate agent. I’ve talked to Sherry on the phone and we are Facebook friends. From the praises that Heidi has had of her daughter over the years,
she has been the stalwart of the family and loves her family very much. They are middle-class in the context of the Filipino economy.

Sherry has a 10-year, multiple-entry visa for the United States and has visited the U.S. twice before as a tourist to visit her aunt and uncles in the Chicago area. From
what I understand, all went normally during those visits. But her attempt to visit the United States earlier this month was anything but routine (except in the new
normal of Trump isolationism).--
I ended up becoming the editor of The Madison Times and Heidi remained as my associate editor until we both left The Madison Times in
2005 with Heidi founding Asian Wisconzine and then ended up being my associate editor at The Capital City Hues in 2006 when we got
rolling in March 2006.
With how fast the world turns these days, I hope people remember Heidi Pascual. Heidi moved to the
United States from her native Philippines in the late 1990s, following her mom and siblings who lived in
Chicago. Heidi ended up being the assistant editor to the late Betty Franklin-Hammonds at The
Madison Times for about a year before Betty passed away in 1999, already 20 years ago.
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