City of Madison Department of Civil Rights Announces New Partnerships with the RaISE

The Department of Civil Rights (DCR) has recently implemented changes to the job referral program outlined in the Madison General
Ordinances and Affirmative Action Plans. Changes to this program include: a name change, new partnerships, and an online referral tool.

The Referrals and Interviews for Sustainable Employment (RaISE) program, formally known as the Job Skills Bank, works to match individuals
seeking employment with companies under contract with the city of Madison.

Any company that receives more than $25,000 annually from the City of Madison and is required to file an Affirmative Action Plan, agrees to
submit all job postings, for jobs in Dane County to the Department of Civil Rights. These employers also agree to interview any qualified
applicant referred by the Department of Civil Rights or designated organizations.

The Department of Civil Rights maintains a list of all available jobs with City of Madison contractors. Interested individuals are encouraged to
contact the authorized referral agencies to request an employment referral for any position on the list. If the referred applicant meets the
minimum qualifications as outlined in the job posting, they are given a referral letter to include in their application materials, which guarantees
them an interview.

The program allows for community-based organizations who work in the field of job development and placement to partner with the City of
Madison on referring qualified candidates for employment. With these new partnerships, the Department of Civil Rights expects to see a
greater number of referrals for open positions with City of Madison contractors. These partnering agencies are able to access the list of
available jobs and refer candidates in a newly developed online portal.

Unemployment rates change drastically when looking at race and/or ethnicity. The most recent American Community Survey estimates the
following unemployment rates for the Madison Metropolitan Area1:
• 3.8 percent for individuals who identify as White
• 10.1 percent for individuals who identify as Black or African American
• 15.4 percent for individuals who identify as American Indian or Alaska Native
•5.9 percent for individuals who identify as Asian
• 2.5 percent for individuals who identify as Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander
• 7.5% for individuals who identify as two or more races
• 7.6% for individuals who identify as Hispanic or Latino

Organizations interested in partnering with the RaISE program can contact the Department of Civil Rights at (608) 266-4910 or by emailing
Are You Ready to Vote on November 6?

From the League of Women Voters of Dane County

Take action now by going to to check your registration, confirm your polling place, see a sample ballot, request an absentee
ballot, or start the registration process.  If you have moved, have a name change, or are new to Wisconsin you will need to register to vote.

What you need to know about voter registration:  
• Online voter registration:  If you have a valid Wisconsin driver license or WI DMV ID card and your current name and address are in the
Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) data base, you can register online.  If you need to update your address at the DMV you can do that at  Then complete your registration at  The address on your physical DL or ID does not matter and
does not need to be changed.
• Don't have a current WI DL or ID card?  You can register at your clerk's office, by mail, or if a Madison resident, at any Madison Library. You
will need to provide proof of residence (POR).  You can use a paper registration form or complete one online at and print it.
• If registering by mail you will need to include a copy of your proof of residence and send it to your clerk's office.  Madison residents send the
completed form and POR to the Madison clerk's office at 210 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd., #103, Madison, WI 53703.
• POR must show name and current address.  Acceptable PORs can be found at:
• Deadlines:  Voters can register online or by mail until 20 days before Election Day or at their clerk's office until the Friday before the
election.  Voters can also register at In-Person Absentee early voting locations or at the polls on Election Day, with proper POR.  Registering
early is highly recommended.

An approved photo ID will be required when voting:  
You can use a Wisconsin driver license,  a Wisconsin DMV issued  ID card, a US passport, or military ID with expiration dates of November
8, 2016 or later.  A Veteran Affairs card that is unexpired or has no expiration date can also be used.  The address on an ID does not have to
be current.  Out-of-state IDs are not acceptable.  For a complete list of approved photo IDs go to

UW-Madison students can get a special free ID for voting at the WisCard office at Union South.  Students using the special ID will also need
to show proof of enrollment.  Students at other colleges can go to and check the Student ID Voter Fact Sheet
for requirements.

If you don’t have an acceptable photo ID you can get a free ID at the DMV offices.  If you have an out-of-state driver license you would have to
surrender that license in order to get the WI ID.   For information about the DMV process see  

For further information, go to the League of Women Voters of Dane County web site at or the City of Madison clerk