Madison College’s Goodman South Campus Opens
September 3rd
Multicultural Experience
The Goodman South Campus team - Front row: Nancy Yang (l-r), Alejandra
Bridges, Luisa Rios-Jimenez, Sharon Hardiman Middle row: Alejandro
Riano, Estefany Ventura Back row: Jamaal
Eubanks, Farhan Maruf, Nedra Bobo-Boyles, Cornell Zbikowski
facility will attract.
(In Part One of this article, we profiled Nedra Bobo Boyles, Alejandra Bridges, and Jamaal Eubanks.)

Name: Sharon Hardiman
Title: Clerical Aide
Background: Hardiman got her degrees from Madison College the old fashioned way: through perseverance and a lot of hard work as a working mother.
“When I got out of high school, I took a semester off and then came in 1992. I was there for 2-3 years. I started out as an administrative assistant-information
processing program. I was a full-time student. I was also a young single mother. During that time, there was a tragedy that took place in my family, so I had to
pretty much drop school. I was out of school for years and years. I raised my daughter and she graduated and decided to go off to college. I was intimidated by
the fact that I raised my daughter to go to school and then why didn’t mom finish school. My daughter was basically my inspiration to finish. So when she was
off at school, I said, ‘Why can’t I finish my education?’ The thing was when I dropped out, I was on financial aid, so my financial aid got suspended. I had to
appeal and won it. That felt like a second chance. I did that back in 2004 and I enrolled in the administrative professional program. I stayed at it and stayed at
it while I was working full time. I graduated and got my associate’s degree in administrative professional in 2008. When I graduated from Madison College the
first time, I went right on to Edgewood College. While I was at Edgewood, the program that I enrolled in was sociology and because I did not take a lot of the
general requirements, I needed to finish getting those classes out of the way in order to proceed in the program I enrolled in. That took me back to Madison
College a second time. I re-enrolled back in 2012 and I got in the liberal arts transfer program. It seemed like that took forever, but I did finish, so I had two
associate’s degrees from Madison College. The second time I was in the program, I needed assistance beyond financial aid because I had exhausted all of my
funds because I had been in school so long. My education at that point was literally coming out of my own pocket, which brought me to here. I applied for
student worker and I got it. I was a student worker here at the South campus. I loved it. I enjoyed it. And when it was my time to go, I decided that I didn’t want
to go, so they hired me as a clerical aide in a casual position. I’ve been here for almost three years.”

Duties as a Clerical Aide: “A clerical aide helps out in any area that is needed. I staff the front desk and window whenever anyone comes up and needs
assistance. I do a lot of the clerical work. I help out with the Smart Start sessions that they do on Saturdays. I help get the students registered. And I am here
to do whatever is needed.”

What she is looking forward to at the new campus: “When I was in school the whole time, Truax was my home. That was my second home because I lived in
the Student Achievement Center. When I left my full-time job, I would go to school and stay there. And because the South campus is a mini-Truax, that’s the
part that I am really excited about. I love the layout. I’m excited about the diversity and everything that is to come.”

Name: Farhan Maruf
Title: Clerical Technician
Background: “I started at Madison College as an ESL student back in 2011. That’s around the time when I came to the United States. I finished my ESL studies
and I became a Madison College student for a degree program. I graduated from Madison College in liberal arts in the IT networking specialist program. I
started working as a work study student. Then I became a student helper and then I became a casual employee and then I became part-time. Now I am
officially working at the Madison College South campus now as a clerical technician.”
Duties as a Clerical Technician: “Clerical technicians usually work in administration. How the shifts work is we usually pair an admin with a clerical tech. We
serve together. They are our supervisors, but we serve in the same ways and capacities. We help with student registration, enrollment, scheduling, helping
students create Madison College accounts. If the student is new, we’ll give them broad information about what Madison College is and how they can enroll
and start the process.”

What he is looking forward to at the new campus: “I’m looking to have a bigger space so that we can serve more students. Right now at the current South, we
have a small space and we can only offer a small number classes. But the new building is going to allow us to bring more diverse students to the campus
and serve them better.”

Name: Luisa Reyes-Jimenez
Title: Clerical Technician
Background: “I got my business administration diploma in my native Peru. I worked at an international appliance company for seven years. I decided to move
the United States in 2001. I moved with my family first to Los Angeles for a short time and then to Madison. I like this place for the studies for my grandson. I
started at Madison College as a student helper in 2004 at the downtown campus. Maria Bañuelos and Tina Ahedo were the administrators. I completed my
credentials such as a certificate in Microsoft Office while I continued my education in leadership management and supervisory management. I completed all
the requisites in order to improve my skills and knowledge to manage an office. In the U.S., the companies are super different, so I needed to follow-up in
some laws in order to have the right communication with the students. I worked downtown for two years and then they decided to transfer to the South
campus in 2004. I got a clerical technician position part-time.

Duties as a Clerical Technician: “My duties are to follow up information with the students interested in the bilingual program, for example, preschool
credentials, early childhood education, from infant to toddler. There is a child care program in Spanish. We also do outreach around our community in order to
market our classes in the new campus. Madison College gave me an opportunity to continue my career in order to help the students. It’s a great opportunity
for me to contact the people.”

What she is looking forward to at the new campus: “I’m excited to start over at the new campus because my goal is to contact more students interested in our
bilingual certificates and to get good jobs for our families and our community.”

Name: Alejandro Riano
Title: Administrative Planner
Background: “I was a journalist and a teacher in Colombia at Javeriana University. I worked there for a few years before I came to Madison. I worked with
Voz Latina here and with La Movida. I created the program called El Debate. It continues to this day. I have my own social media now called Mi Wisconsin. I
basically have continued on as a journalist. I have a connection with the community. I started in 2006 as a student and then became a teacher. I taught
computers, keyboarding, Spanish, Windows and websites at South. I got promoted to downtown as an administrative specialist. I was promoted to
administrative planner at South.”

Duties as an Administrative Planner: “As an administrative planner, I support the students, staff and faculty in the second shift (afternoon-evening). I also
work with the teachers to resolve different problems with technology, payroll, class rooms, etc. At the front desk, we provide all information about their
classes to the students and now we introduce the organizations in our community. I was trained in process improvement by the college and my goal is
continue working to develop new processes for the college and improve the service to the students.”

What he is looking forward to at the new campus: “For us, the new campus is a new model and fusion of the community and college in one place. With this
idea, we bring the community to the college and we help the students to achieve their goals. It's a great fusion. The president brought a lot ideas as the new
Rental Book program for everyone (to help students in the poverty range reach their goals by avoiding paying for expensive books); shuttles to bring the
student from our neighborhoods to the college; community events to involve students with the community and a lot of ideas for our students.”

Name: Estefany Ventura
Title: Clerical Technician
Background: I’m from Venezuela and I came here four years ago.  I came here to be with the love of my life. The other part of it is that Venezuela is in a really
bad situation right now. There were a lot of political problems back home. I was in medical school and that was very difficult because there were a lot of
strikes and protests. It was kind of dangerous. It was taking me a long time to continue school. And it was like we weren’t going to be in the long-distance
relationship for a lot longer and I didn’t know if I would ever graduate. We just decided to start over here, so that is what we did. I started here at Madison
College right away. I started as a student helper and now I’m here at the front desk at Goodman South.”

Duties as a Clerical Technician: “I’m going to be on the front lines at the front desk. I’m going to be doing registration and admin stuff. My title is the same, but
my duties are different now.”
What she is looking forward to at the new campus: “I’m excited about serving the variety of populations that we are going to have. My main goal is to just
make students feel at home. Madison College is a really great place to work as a student worker or as an employee. I want to give them that opportunity to
feel that way. I want students to feel comfortable in their new home.”

Name: Nancy Yang
Title: Administrative Planner
Background: “I was born and raised at Bayview. And then came and lived on Badger Road. I grew up in the neighborhood and went to Lincoln Elementary
School. I am from the south side. I started here as a student at Madison College. I actually worked at the college as student help through the federal work-
study program. After that, I worked my way up becoming a casual worker and then I got hired as a PSRP, paraprofessional school related personnel. I was
hired as a part-time staff as a clerical. And then I became an administrative planner. I started working at the college back in 2006. I’ve been here about 13
years now. I’ve been at South since 2012.”

Duties as an Administrative Planner: “I maintain responsibility for the day shift. I will be there in the morning offering support to the full campus, making sure
from the start until my shift ends at 3:30 p.m. that the campus is running properly in the morning, that there are no issues with the facility and no problems with
the classrooms and instructional. Right now, I work under Tina. But going to the Goodman, I will be underneath Nedra. Nedra will be bumped from an
administrative planner to a lead position supporting Tina.
Part 2 of 2
By Jonathan Gramling

Something new and cool transformed the educational experience for hundreds —
if not thousands — of college students on Tuesday, September 3rd. At long last,
the Goodman South Campus of Madison College on the corner of Badger Road
and S. Park Street — opened its doors for students for the first time.

Inside is modern classrooms and community space to unite the South Madison
area to the new facility with each generation of potential Madison College
scholars having already become well-acquainted with the space. Also
welcoming to the students is the administrative and line staff who work with
students seven days per week to make classes and services convenient for the
working students. The staff also reflect the diverse student body that the new

What she is looking forward to at the new campus: “I am looking forward to the new
venture at the new campus where I will see new faces. I’ll get to work hands-on with
more students than I have at the current South.”

Name: Cornell Zbikowski
Title: Administrative Planner
Background: “I graduated from Fond du Lac High School. I went to UW-Madison and
studied gender and women’s studies and Spanish. I also have a global health
certificate. I was more of a traditional student. I graduated in three and a half years. I
went into college with a lot of AP classes and retro credits through my Spanish
studies. That helped me get ahead a little bit. When I graduated from UW-Madison, I
got my first job at a chiropractor’s office and I really disliked it. And I found a job here
at Madison College. I worked in the bookstore at the downtown campus for about a
year and then I transitioned to South. I went back to downtown and then came back to

Duties as an Administrative Planner: “I wear a lot of different hats. We do a bunch of
different things. Basically we do enrollment services and students services. We’re
also going to be doing bookstore functions, so we can rent out and sell books and
school supplies. We’re going to be triaging for all of the community services that we
are having, the legal clinic and all of the other partnerships that we have. We’ll be
checking for advising and counseling. We’ll be making sure that the whole building
is still in one piece. We’ll be checking the rooms, planning events and hosting
events. I’m sure that I am leaving off a lot of things. We wear a lot of different hats. It’
s basically whatever people need us to be. We are flexible. Everyone on the team is
very flexible.”

What she is looking forward to at the new campus: “I am looking forward to serving
the students. This is the first time that we are melding a bunch of different
communities together. Not only are we bringing the south side to the Goodman South
Campus, but we’re also bringing some programs that were at the downtown campus
to the south side. I think it will be very interesting to see all the different community
members coming together and learning in one place.”