The Hues Welcomes Its Newest Journalist:
Angelica Eusaeary
Angelica’s Adventures
I’m 22, a journalist from the west side of Detroit and moved to Madison, WI for graduate school. I’ll
be attending UW-Madison this fall to obtain a Master’s degree in Afro-American Studies. Before
this, I couldn’t have told you where Wisconsin was on a map.

I’m a Black woman who earned a Bachelor’s degree in a small, conservative space, so the culture
shock I’m experiencing here didn’t come as a surprise to me. After attending the Women &
Leadership Symposium at UW-Madison, I realized there wouldn’t be a lot of people who looked like
me in these spaces. Sadly, that was nothing new. This gave me a newfound appreciation for the
quality time I spent with my friends — playing spades, making plantains and just talking.
I got here in June and started working for the PEOPLE Program. I didn’t think I would see
communities of color in Wisconsin at all, but this experience changed that. I learned how truly
diverse Madison is. I wasn’t used to having to look for diversity and explore it through so many
different groups of people.  

I’m generally anxious — about my life, school and whatever else in the world is going on. What
Angelica Eusaeary
helps to keep me grounded is community. I had friends who lived in Madison before I got here, but I couldn’t be more grateful for the people I’ve met.

This transition will be a learning experience. I’ve never lived this far from home, relied on public transportation or attended graduate school.  I’m
glad to be here and my time in Madison has been much more fun than I expected. I can’t wait to see what this semester brings.

I have a lot to say about everything, especially issues with diversity, the judicial system and the lack of equity. This helped me find my way to
The Capital City Hues and use my voice to speak on what matters and
what’s going on in the community. I picked up a copy of the paper and
saw that the stories were all about the people and told their stories. I
liked that. So here I am.  

And yes, my name is Angelica.