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Diversifying STEM
Dr. Angela Byars-Winston Is First Black Full
Professor at UW Medicine
I could spend every column that I write about Donald Trump, which on some level is exactly what his narcissist self desires. After all, it’s all
about him and his success as he defines it, which is basically anything that he does, no matter what the rest of us think.

But in spite of what he wants, I am sometimes compelled to write about Trump to preserve my own sanity, to feel that not everyone thinks like
him, that there is, in my opinion, a body of rational people out there who actually think about the ramifications of public policy on actual living

When it started leaking out last week that Trump was going to rescind DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals — the Obama action that gave
some sense of security and protection to undocumented young people who were brought to the United States as young children — I was
encouraged by all of the cities — including Mayor Paul Soglin and Madison — that came out in support of DACA and urged him not to rescind the
executive order that created it. And then there were the heads of large companies and members of the Republican Party who also urged Trump to
leave it alone.

But we have to keep in mind that Trump is increasingly looking upon himself as the savior of White people and that he is leading a de facto White
People’s Party that exists within and outside of the Republican Party. And one of the first planks in the White People’s Party is to rescind anything
Obama ever did in his eight years so that Obama will go down as the worse president in U.S. history and once more reinforce their white
supremacist identities.

And I think it also represents the Trump-led White People’s Party effort to turn back the hands of time and create a United States that is ruled of, by
and for white people with white people being more of a state of mind than it is some kind of demographic description. The White People’s Party
refuses to take into account the needs and interests of the growing number of people of color in our society and would rather limit their numbers
or eliminate their effective participation in our democracy.

And so they oppose DACA because it will feed the numbers of the opposition party and does not contribute to the eternal rule of the White People’s
Party. And I am disgusted!

I have had the pleasure over the past three months of interviewing three DACA students who live here in Madison. While I have printed one of the
articles, the other two will appear in our Hispanic Heritage Month edition in two weeks. I was impressed with their character and drive. Just like
my immigrant forbearers from back in the mid 1980s, these young people, these undocumented immigrants, will contribute to the betterment of
Madison and our society in general.

America has always flourished because of the new blood and ideas that it has been able to attract in “The Land of the Free.” The DACA students,
as well as their parents, are just the newest wave of immigrants who will replenish the talent pool of America. Trump and the White People’s
Party are determined to make America into a sophisticated feudal state and because of their racism, will hasten the decline of America.

And so we at The Capital City Hues give the DACA students in the Madison area our whole-hearted support. We want you to stay in the Madison
area. We want you to be a part of making Madison a great place to live. And we understand that your fight is our fight because as Trump and his
party try to prevent you from participating in American life, we know that it is also a challenge to our democracy and the American Way. We stand
with you!

When putting The Hues together each issue, I often times don’t know what it is going to look like until this point in the putting the paper together
where my column is the last thing to go in. I have my mind in the minutiae of the detail of the paper and don’t really get the chance to see the
whole thing. And as I look at all of the different pieces together, I think this Back to School issue is a real beauty with Dr. Angela Byars-Winston
talking about her research on diversity in the STEM fields and Charles McDowell talking about the changing workforce. Dr. Jack Daniels III gives
the details about the upcoming Madison College South siting on the WI ETF property at the end of S. Park Street. And MMSD Board chair talks
about the state of MMSD and 100 Black Men begins to unveil their intervention efforts on behalf of young African American men.

And we reprint The Diversity Times in the middle, which is the newspaper that I have been helping UW PEOPLE Program students put together for
the past 14-15 years. And for the past 10 years, it has focused on STEM occupations, which fits in nicely with Dr. Byars-Winston’s article.

But I am sad to say that this is the last edition of The Diversity Times, at least as a product of middle school students. The UW Division of Equity,
Diversity and Educational Advancement has reconfigured the UW PEOPLE Program, reallocating resources to some places and cutting back
resources in other areas. The Madison-area middle school program was eliminated as a part of this reconfiguration.

So if you meet or know any of the students who wrote articles in this edition of The Diversity Times, please give them encouragement and support.
They were a fine group of students to end the program with.

It has been a fine run I have had with the UW PEOPLE Program and I hope to remain involved with it in the future in some capacity. And I hope
and pray that someday, they will extend once more into the middle school level. The university’s expertise and the hope it gives to these students
is irreplaceable.
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