Madison College’s Goodman South Campus Opens
September 3rd
Multicultural Experience
The Goodman South Campus team - Front row: Nancy Yang (l-r), Alejandra
Bridges, Luisa Rios-Jimenez, Sharon Hardiman Middle row: Alejandro
Riano, Estefany Ventura Back row: Jamaal
Eubanks, Farhan Maruf, Nedra Bobo-Boyles, Cornell Zbikowski
Also welcoming to the students will be the administrative and line staff who will work with students seven days per week to make classes and services
convenient for the working students. The staff will also reflect the diverse student body that the new facility will attract.

The staff has been assembled by Dean Valentina Ahedo, primarily from staff previously employed at the South, DTEC and Truax campuses. They have an array
of academic and personal backgrounds that will reflect the student body. Some grew up in South Madison; some immigrated to the United States for Africa and
Latin America. Some began their long association with Madison College as students and some attained advanced degrees elsewhere before finally coming
under the Madison College orbit.

In this issue and the next, we will introduce you to the staff of the Goodman South Campus.
Name: Nedra Bobo-Boyles
Title: Campus Lead
Background: Bobo-Boyles is an alum of the UW-Madison food science program, interned with the McDonalds Corporation for five years and worked at Oscar
Mayer/Kraft in research and quality assurance for 12 years before turning her attention full-time to her real estate business. She also has a MBA from UW-
Whitewater. It was through business that Bobo-Boyles became associated with Madison College.

“Probably about 13-14 years ago, when I was in the community and president of the African American Black Business Association, we had a collaboration
with the Latino Chamber and Madison College,” Bobo-Boyles said. “We had gotten together to form the Multicultural Resource Center in the Atrium. We worked
with Maria Bañuelos who was the vice-president of learning success. At that time, she had me as one of the main leaders of that council. When we formed the
relationship, she actually had reached out to me to teach an intermediate Microsoft Word bilingual class. I agreed to do that. When that was over and it was
successful, she wanted me to do it again. I said, ‘You know, really, I’m in real estate. That’s what I do. If you have any classes like that, I can entertain it.’ She
connected me with the program director for real estate. We got together and within weeks, I was teaching that semester. From there, I taught for a little over
five years teaching real estate classes in real estate sales, real estate brokerage, real estate investment and property management. I had even written a one-
year certificate for a property management program. That is what brought me to Madison College.”

The relationship continued to varying degrees depending on the needs of Madison College and her own real estate firm.

“I started at the Truax campus with Maria Bañuelos and Tina Ahedo,” Bobo-Boyles said. “And then I ended up at the South campus filling in a temporary
position to help Tina out. Probably 3-4 years later, with that temporary position, I was still helping to bring on someone to fill that role. There had been a few
people who had interviewed and they had to go back into the pool. I wasn’t interested in interviewing at that time. From South, I went to downtown, which has
been closed. When that campus closed, we were in the midst of building the new campus and so, that brought me back over here to South.”

Duties as Campus Lead: “I will be helping to oversee the facility,” Bobo-Boyles said. “I like to call it being Tina’s right-hand person, being there to help with
meetings that she isn’t able to attend, being a liaison to the different department heads, sitting on different committees such as the public safety committee.
Sitting on the group that implements our student financial wellness survey to make sure what the different financial factors are that help students succeed.
What correlates to them being the best that they can be? I’ll also be overseeing our Goodman South nursing assistant scholarship program. I’ll just be
working wherever I am needed and overseeing the staff that we have and coordinating the schedules and events that we hold at the campus. I’ll have my
hands on a lot of different things.”

What she is looking forward to at the new campus: “What is most exciting is to have a number of the different people in the departments all under one roof and
just being able to work with everyone and seeing the students,” Bobo-Boyles said. “There are students who are so excited. There are students who have
been going over to the new building and it’s not even open yet. It’s allowing us to offer different classes and programs that we weren’t able to do before. We’
re looking forward to seeing the growth happen before our eyes.”

Name: Alejandra Bridges
Title: Financial Aid Representative
Background: “I moved from Argentina in 2008,” Bridges said. “When I moved to Madison, I was trying to improve my English. I took ESL classes at Madison
College. And then I decided to go back to school. I was trying to find a part-time job. I continued to take English classes and then I started taking academic
Part 1 of 2
By Jonathan Gramling

Something new and cool is about to transform the educational experience for
hundreds — if not thousands — of college students on Tuesday, September 3rd. At
long last, the Goodman South Campus of Madison College on the corner of Badger
Road and S. Park Street — will open its doors for students for the first time.

Inside will be modern classrooms and community space to unite the South Madison
area to the new facility with each generation of potential Madison College scholars
having already become well-acquainted with the space. It is a space that has been
especially designed to promote the academic excellence of students of color and to
send the message that this new campus is their educational home.
classes. Yesterday, I graduated from my two-year program. I have an
associate’s degree in culinary arts. It’s been a long journey. Madison
College was the right and great place to do that because I had the
support. I had the understanding and people were always there, not
just staff, but also teachers and community people. I am passionate
about wellness. I would like to help people be healthier. I want to
combine culinary with wellness. I want to bring healthy, more
nutritious food to the table and help families to develop a more
nutritious lifestyle. I hope that one day, we can actually have a
community garden for the students so that we can help them get good
food and fresh food.”

Duties as Financial Aid Representative: “I will be helping the students
with their financial aid and I also will be helping with the front desk,”
Bridges said. “I’m helping a lot with the Start Smart sessions. We’re
trying to help the community who have unconventional schedules. We
have the Smart Start sessions on Saturdays so they can get
everything they need in one day. We’re trying to support those
students who have some extra challenges.”

What she is looking forward to at the new campus: “I am looking
forward to helping people to get where they want to go,” Bridges said.
“I think education can take you everywhere. And I feel like people
have the passion for it and I hope I can give them everything that they
need to attain their goals.”

Name: Jamaal Eubanks
Title: Academic Advisor and Disability Resource Service
Background: “I went to Alabama State University before transferring
to Huntington College for my undergrad, which was still in
Montgomery, Alabama where I played basketball and finished my
bachelor’s degree in history,” Eubanks said. “I have two master’s
from Edgewood College in special education as well as educational
leadership. I was working in MMSD, the Madison school district, for
several years prior to looking for a place that suited me better and
didn’t necessarily have a ceiling on how I could climb and how I
could be used best to serve students. It’s funny because now I’m
circling back as a lot of the students that I work with, when they were
middle school students, are now freshmen and sophomores at
Madison College and are still coming to me. ‘Mr. Eubanks, I need
some help.’ I feel like I’ve been put here for a reason. I’m thrilled to be
coming to the South campus because for me, it’s like a homecoming
with it being on the south side. I was born and raised on the south
side. I don’t know if it is a dream come true, but it is a unique story
about a homecoming. I started my own non-profit, Pivotal Transition,
mentoring youth. That’s still a passion of mine. It’s something that I
will be doing while I am at the Goodman South Campus of Madison
College as well.”

Duties as Academic Advisor and Disability Resource Service: “I’ll be
working with students to make sure that their academic needs are
met in terms of making sure they have the right classes and placed in
the right things so that they can move on in their program and earn
their associate’s certificate or technical diplomas,” Eubanks said. “I
also make sure that students who qualify and get accommodations for
testing, get those and get the support they need for success while
they are at the higher education level. The kids are always talking to
me. That’s the best part of the job, to get to continue to work with
students and not just in the academic setting, but also to help them
mature as young adults into adult men and women. I do whatever I
can to support them. That’s my goal.”

What he is looking forward to at the new campus: “. I’m not looking
forward to any one thing at the new campus,” Eubanks said. “I’m just
looking forward to getting in there and start working.”