Vol. 14 No. 17
August 26, 2019
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Stay Focused and Believe
money or exalted position can give you this sense of who you are, which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive for excellence and all that it offers. Just don’t trade your
soul to the devil in exchange for worldly gain.

Always remember that you didn’t get to where you are in this world on your own. Only the self-centered and people totally focused on their own lives fail to see the
helping hands that have been there to boost them up at each phase of their lives. Even the “self-made man” has been reliant on the efforts of others to get where they

Many times, we may think that we have busted down the door of opportunity for ourselves, failing to see the person on the other side who opened the door for us at
the moment we were ready to enter through that next passageway in our lives. Now it was important that we put our shoulder down to bust through that door because
it wouldn’t happen if we don’t. It’s just important to remember that there are other forces and people in play that helped make that door of opportunity open at the
moment that you needed it to open.

It’s also important to be humble in life because who we become is sometimes as much to do with quirks of fate as it does with our own efforts to achieve. As we try,
try and try again, we put ourselves in the position to take advantage of those quirks in life. But it is always important to remember that “By the grace of God, go I.”
There isn’t all that much different between the rich person and the poor person in the context of the vastness of the universe. Each of us spends a finite time on this
earth regardless of our status in life and are loved by the Creator equally. We are not better than other people. We merely hold a position within the scheme of things
and the functioning of everyday life that becomes meaningless when we pass on to the next phase of our existence. --
To the extent humanly possible in this sometimes wicked world, stay true to yourself and what you believe in for at the end of the day —and
at the end of your life — these are things that will help you recognize who you are and allow you to be at peace with yourself. No amount of
I think there is a verse from the Bible that admonishes people to not listen to the news of distant wars or
earthquakes, but stay focused in what you need to do in life. I have always believed in that.

Believe in what your goal is, stay focused on what you need to do and do it as well as you can to the best
of your ability and let everything else take care of itself.
by Fabu
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