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AUGUST 23, 2012

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Reflections/Jonathan Gramling
                        Laboratory of Wisconsin
I’ve been feeling like a mouse these days running around in the little maze of my life under the scrutiny of
some invisible eyes somewhere noticing my every move as stimuli are presented in my environment or
maybe just zapped into my brain as I watch television. Now I know this sounds like a nightmare and it truly
is, but it just has a touch of reality in it to make the hair on the back of my neck rise.

I’ve been feeling this way ever since the Koch Brothers started playing with our lives, pouring tons of
money into Wisconsin politics, basically trying to buy off the state not for the benefit of the citizens of this
state, not to further policy directives that will raise the quality of life of our state, but to weaken President
Barack Obama’s political base in the state in hope that it will lead to his defeat in 2012.

And when I’m not feeling like a rat in the maze, I’m feeling like a pawn in someone’s chess game. The use of
wealth to manipulate public policy of a state by carpetbaggers would have been unheard of when I was
growing up. These Koch Brothers have no scruples. They do not believe in the sanctity of state power
being exercised by the people of that state. They just believe in the sanctity of the power of their own
money and what it can get them.

The feeling of being a rat in a maze intensified this past week when I was watching the political news on
television. Remember those Koch Brothers-inspired ads put on by either Americans for Prosperity or the
Walker Campaign for Governor this past spring? I have a hard time telling the difference between the
candidates’ campaign apparatus and the Super-PACS because their messages sure do seem coordinated
and sometimes the printing is so small on the commercials and runs by so quickly that I don’t know who is
sponsoring what in this state.

Anyway, there were these commercials supporting Walker that featured school teachers talking about how
Scott Walker’s policies improved their schools. I have no doubt that these were real school teachers. But
what is disingenuous about the commercial is that they took the person who represented the opinion held by
five percent of the school teachers and made it appear that they were speaking for the 95 percent. The
Koch Brothers would have us believe that black is white and white is black if it serves their purposes,
science be damned.

Well apparently this commercial with the pro-Walker school teachers must have tested out pretty good
because I saw an Americans for Prosperity, a Koch Brothers-funded organization, produced commercial
featuring about four White women and one Black man talking about how they voted for President Obama in
2008, but they weren’t voting for him this year. I had seen a similar commercial earlier in the election cycle,
but it also had White men talking about how they had voted for Obama in 2008, but weren’t voting for him
this year. Apparently Americans for Prosperity got the word that Mitt Romney has the white male vote
sewed up and so they recast the commercial with White women and Black men, two of the demographics
that Mitt Romney has to do better with if he is going to win in November. I guess Americans for Prosperity
(of the Koch Brothers) can’t come right out and say vote for Mitt Romney, but I guess they figure if they
trash President Obama, people will vote for Romney or not vote at all, both options that benefit Romney.

President Obama has about 95 percent of the Black vote, so I guess the Koch Brothers slipped a Black man
in the commercial in hope that it might peel away a couple of Black voters. It was almost like a throw away.
But they did focus primarily on White women. And in swing states like Wisconsin, President Barack Obama
is leading Mitt Romney by almost 2-1 among women.

So I guess the Koch Brothers and Americans for Prosperity learned a few things by toying around with
Wisconsin’s recall election this past spring. They trotted out their attack ads and saw which ones worked
and then fine tuned them for the fall campaign when they really unleash their money against President
Barack Obama. Wisconsin has been the political maze that the Koch Brothers have been using to
experiment on Wisconsin voters. I’m tired of it and I hope that Wisconsinites resist the maze-tested ads and
vote according to their economic interests and not along with the virtual crowd that the Koch Brothers are
trying to drum up.