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The World Is a “Ball of
get medical help. I know the mother of one of the young men, and the grandmother of another. This made their deaths more personal than just
reading a statistic in the newspaper. Both this mother and grandmother are fine people and their grief has been extensive at the deaths of their
family. We don’t want any more murders in Madison and we want a return to this city being safe.

Two judges — Judge Josann Reynolds and Judge William Hanrahan — threw out criminal cases because according to them, the District
Attorney’s Office has not handled the cases in a professional and timely manner. This is our same Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne
who continues to clear police officers of any wrong doing while Madison has paid out almost $13 million to the families of victims shot by
Madison police. The latest jury awarded Ashley DiPiazza’s family $7 million. DiPiazza was threatening to kill herself when she was shot by two
police officers. In the cases of Tony Robinson and Ashley DiPiazza, I wonder why officers from the Mental Health Liaison Program, who are part
of the Specialized Policing Response, at the Madison Police weren’t dispatched to assist both victims dealing with mental health issues. In all
of these cases, including Paul Heenan, excessive and unreasonable force was used and instead of seeing more reform and better training of
police officers, we have Office Matt Kenny, who killed Robinson, working as a police trainer with new cadets. This sends a stark message
from the Police Department about how officers can and should interact with their community.

Years ago, when I visited Civil Rights museums in the South, in every one of them I saw Ku Klux Klan robes on display. I remembered the
cowardice and horror that men and women in these robes represented. In Virginia, Ku Klux Klan, white nationalists and neo-Nazis marched
with their faces uncovered. President Trump has created an atmosphere where they feel protected and affirmed to spread their hatred forcefully
and publicly, especially with his recent remarks about both sides to blame and these hate groups including “good people.” Former Ku Klux
Klan grand wizard David Duke, on twitter, thanked the President. The most confusing phenomenon of all; is people’s inability to clearly
understand “right” from “wrong.’ Go and listen to Ball of Confusion by The Temptations, for it is a song which defines the world we live in today.
The Temptations singing “ball of confusion that's what the world is today” reminds me of
what is happening in Madison and in the United States. The song not only says people in
the world are confused, but it also lists the things going wrong. Nobody else could sing
this lament like this outstanding men’s group. The 10 murders in Madison, judges in
courts throwing out cases because the DA’s office isn’t working in a professional and
timely manner, families of victims killed by Madison Police being awarded almost $13
million in compensation, and white nationalists, Klu Klux Klan, and neo-Nazis marching
in Virginia over a Robert E. Lee statue, all indicate that a “ball of confusion” is the
reality of what we are seeing today.  

There have been 10 murders in Madison; a city that in the past often had no murders in
a year. The victims, mostly African American, were other races too and a majority of
men. One woman was murdered who was also a mother and they were all young. They
ranged in age from 24 to 56. The 56 year old was an innocent contractor who died as a
result of a heart attack during a burglary when the robber didn’t have the decency to