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ugust 12, 2019
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Continued Outrage
from the Howard University Law School and other places lay the strategic foundation that led to 1954’s Brown vs. Board of Education U.S. Supreme Court decision
and eventually to the formation of the modern civil rights movement. While both have yet to reach their ultimate goal, both were successes that changed America.”

While I have appreciated and cherished all honors and awards that I have received through the years, it is especially cherished when it comes from the community in
which one works. Thank you Charles Hamilton Houston Institute!

One of the downsides of publishing a bi-weekly newspaper is that when something big happens near the beginning of the news-cycle for your next publication and by
the time it comes around to going to press, it almost seems like old news. The news cycle has moved on and not a headline about the incident remains on many a news

Such is the case of the brutal slayings of nine people in Dayton, Ohio and 22 people in El Paso, Texas, all on the same day on August 3rd. While the news cycle has
moved on, I still feel compelled to voice my feelings about these incidents, even if people have read or heard them before. I still feel compelled to ad my voice to the
outrage, even if no one is listening.

I cannot fathom the shooter in Dayton shooting his own sister as part of the rampage. He went to this club district with her and a male companion. It appears that they
went out together and then the shooter went back to the car, put his body armor and ear muffs on and proceeded to a bar and shot nine people dead — including his
sister — and wounded many others.
“When I think about Charles Hamilton Houston, I think of the three African American women featured in the movie “Hidden Figures.” Just as
these three women laid the mathematical foundation for America’s space flights, so too did Charles Hamilton Houston and his brain trust
Before I get into the meat of this issue’s column, I just wanted to express my appreciation to Dr. John Y
Odom and The Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for presenting me one of seven Difference Maker
Awards at their annual awards luncheon held on August 8th at the Best Western Premier Park Hotel.
None of the award recipients were allowed to give remarks, fortunately because we would have been
there until it was time to go home. But if I were able to give remarks, I would have said the following:
7th Annual Charles Hamilton Houston
Institute Awards Luncheon

Creating Supportive Villages
(Part 1 of 2)
By Jonathan Gramling,

Photos by Gervis Myles