Amber Indian Restaurant Is
Pleasing to the Taste
The enticing smells of Indian spices met us long before our food arrived at Amber Indian Cuisine. Nestled in a strip mall along University
Avenue in Middleton, we entered a bustling restaurant on a Saturday night.  There was a short wait for a table after we were greeted warmly by
the owner, who was helping customers.  While waiting we enjoyed Indian music and an Indian movie.

The menu is large and well-organized for customers like myself who do not consider themselves Indian cuisine experts.  We started with the
Amber Vegetable Platter which includes samosa, paneer pakora, and vegetable pakora. The three items were beautifully displayed and each
had a unique flavor all of its own. The appetizers were accompanied by a variety of chutney, tamarind, onions, and mint.  There are numerous
flavors of naan to choose from of which we ate spinach and garlic. Both were thin, light, and the garlic naan featured raw garlic that was
absolutely delicious.

The tandoori chicken was succulent and steaming, as the traditional dish is served. We also ate the shrimp curry which was rich and the
shrimp was cooked well.  The shrimp could have been larger in the entrée. Finally we ordered lamb pasanda which was recommended by the
owner and amazing.   The sauce was creamy and nutty from the almonds and cashews and the lamb was tender.
Finally we were offered mango ice cream that was sweet, refreshing and creamy. From start to finish, we were met with hospitality from all the
staff a restaurant should provide. All of the flavors we experienced were well crafted and unique to each dish. Amber Indian Cuisine left us
craving more and we will be back to try the different Indo-Chinese and Southern Indian dishes that reflect the culinary skills of the kitchen.