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JULY 26, 2012

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Reflections/Jonathan Gramling
                             Just thinking Summer
This is one of those mornings when my print deadline comes in 32 minutes, I’ve been up quite a few hours
and I’ve only just begun to write this column. My son needed a ride to work at the last minute and I had to
fight off the selfish instinct, which would have had me say, “And what has that to do with me? My thing is
more important.”

But the good side of me took hold and I also remembered the countless times that my own father had been
there for me in the self-inflicted emergencies of my relative youth. So I gave him a ride to work, thinking
along the way that each minute and second can be divided into millions of subparts so that maybe I had
millions of nanoseconds to go before my deadline. "Technically, I’m not late,” I kept telling me, hoping that
God would make time stand still because of my good work or at least paying back that which had been
given me.

So my son got to work on time and time has at least seemed to slow down just a little bit as I procrastinate
as I try desperately to think of something to write about — a million things will occur to me after I have
submitted the last pages to the printer — and hope that I still have a million nanoseconds to go before the
clock strikes 10 a.m.

I have visions of the community press at Capital Newspapers all loaded up with the pages of the paper
except for the last one that has my column, with the pressmen hanging out taking wagers on when this
week I will finally send the last page in. And I contemplate inserting a cooking recipe to fill the space or
seeing how many ways I can use the word “the” into the column to take up space like a middle school
student who has to write a 500-word essay and so far, has only come up with 300 words. I have to smile
that I am in the same position as my PEOPLE Program students when I unmercifully take the editor’s pen to
their essays to eliminate the verbiage inspired by my minimum word limits for their essays. The shoe is now
on the other foot. And it is the critical side to being the editor of this paper that keeps eliminating possible
ways to fill this space … Oh, oh only a million nanoseconds to go.

I would write about all of the stuff on The Ed Shoe, Sean Hannerty and the rest of the talk shows filled with
expert pundits. But I had to turn my television off this week — I do watch a lot of television to stay up and
things when I am not perusing the Internet — because it was getting to me. I am now worried that I will not
make it through the gauntlet of talking heads, biased reporting, half truths and shrillness that is on television
concerning the presidential election. And I’m not even talking about paid political commercials that are
filling our air waves with accelerating frequency and it isn’t even August yet. They will truly drive me out of
my mind. Hmmm, is that the plan?

Okay, I vow to pay attention to the presidential election just because I don’t want to become one of those
discouraged voters who doesn’t exercise his right to vote. And I will vote for President Barack Obama no
matter what kind of trash that the Republicans and their SuperPACs throw my way. Yuck … but I will still
vote for the president because although what he does doesn’t completely line up with my own personal
interests, he does a heck of a lot better at that then Mitt Romney does who says a lot of important sounding
words together that actually tell me nothing about him and what he stands for and what he will do. It is as if
he is a walking television commercial about himself trying to impress me with all kinds of imagery and
style, but I wouldn’t really know what he would do until I bought into him. And a presidential election is much
too important to wait until Mitt Romney is elected to find out what he is really about.

Can one actually hear the tick of a nanosecond?

And the summer is just flying by right now. I usually don’t get to enjoy it until the beginning of July and here it
is almost August and I can’t say that I have really experienced summer yet. I was out walking the other night
with a friend when the thunderstorm came rolling through. That kind of took me back to my childhood
summers, all drenching wet. It was actually quite cool and really brought me into the moment of summer
seeing the lightning in the clouds all around and hearing the occasional clap of thunder and feeling the water
dripping down and becoming resigned to be wet. For that moment, I was experiencing summer and it felt
good. And so far, knock on wood, I haven’t gotten a cold.

As the nanoseconds tick off toward the end of my print deadline, I hope you are at least getting to enjoy