The Deconstruction of
Donald J. Trump
While we have undoubtedly seen our share of polarizing presidents over the course of our history as a nation, it will be very interesting to see
how the Trump Administration will stack up to those that came before it.  A Gallup poll conducted in 2015 listed President Barack Obama as the
nation’s most polarizing president to date. Obama’s idealist goal of uniting Americans and making this nation as great as it can be for everyone
and not just the ones with means was quickly met with resistance by the likes of Republican Senator Mitch McConnell. McConnell made it
quite clear at the outset that the Republican Party would work against Obama’s legislation whether it was in the best interest of the nation or
not. Well, as it turned out, the strategy of McConnell and the rest of the Republican Party backfired when Obama was elected to a second term
in 2012 by handily defeating Mitt Romney.

But unlike our current president, Obama did not seek to collude, cooperate or consort with our known enemies on his way to winning the White
House for two terms. Conversely, Trump does not view opposition research in the same way Obama or any other president in United States
history has done in the past. Any other campaign would have gone straight to the FBI with such information. Instead, the Trump campaign was
banking on using the negative information they were hoping to get from the Russians to hurt Hillary Clinton, but the information turned out to be
a “nothing burger.” Well, the fact that Donald Trump, Jr attempted to get “dirt” on Hillary does not negate the fact that the intent was to gain such

What is absolutely terrifying about the Trump regime is that they are using every tool within their power to discredit the investigation and those
participating in it. Trump has gone to war with the media, the courts, and American democracy in general in furtherance of his own agenda to
deconstruct America as specified in the Steve Bannon playbook.  Bannon is  the president’s White House chief strategist who has the
president on a path to turning Washington topsy-turvy and cutting off America from the rest of world with its “America First” rhetoric. And
rhetoric is all it has turned out to be so far as the Trump administration has gone out of its way to alienate and confuse our allies around the
world and cozy up to the likes of brutal dictators like Vladimir Putin with whom the president has a serious “bromance” with at the present

If you had a chance to watch any of the coverage from the G-20 Summit, it was apparent that the presidents’ decision to pull out of the Paris
Climate accord left many of allies wondering if they could continue to count on the United States to come to their aid in the event of a crisis.
Many world leaders were doing their best to avoid Trump, as at times while he was walking around, you could literally see people fleeing in
the opposite direction in an effort to avoid any weird interactions with him. Something that was quite apparent during the G-20 Summit is that
Donald Trump neither has the capacity nor the willingness to lead the world. He seems perfectly content with Putin taking over the reign as the
world leader. And while Trump has been quite adept at identifying everything that ails our democratic system of government, rather than
looking for ways to make it better, he has chosen to outright exploit it which again is something that dangerously parallels the Bannon playbook
of deconstructing the administrative state.

Donald Trump does not engage in any sort of sensible, philosophical musings nor is he a deep-thinker like many of our past presidents. He
seems more content tweeting and attacking anyone whom he viewed  as getting in the way of his deconstructing the administrative state of
our democracy in the same way that he has allowed Bannon to deconstruct him, neither of which is good for the free world.