That Old Time BBQ Flavor
All of the other sides were tasty and perfectly portioned. The okra was freshly cut, battered, and fried making a great addition to
the meal. However, the creole mayo would perfectly complement the okra. The creole chicken sandwich was a great find.  The
chicken was fried perfectly without being greasy, in combination with the creole mayo to give it just a kick, and pickles for a
delicious crunch. There was a vegetarian option available as well as homemade pies that will keep any customer coming
back. Some blues music and additional décor would complete the transformation from a Willy Street restaurant to That BBQ
Joint off the beaten path.  
Upon entering That BBQ Joint, we felt transformed into a
southern BBQ shack off a dirt road as we were met with a
sweet, smoky aroma. The restaurant is casual and
homey. Customers order from a menu written on a large
whiteboard, and we overheard many satisfied
customers. The staff was extremely helpful and patient in
orchestrating our meal. Staff brought meals to the table
and refilled our refreshing sweet tea. The rib tips and
smoked wings were both well executed, tender the way
good smoked meats should be. The greens were cut
fresh but could have used some more seasoning for my