Vol. 7    No. 14
JULY 12, 2012

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Reflections/Jonathan Gramling
                              Pay Now or Pay Later
With this issue, Lang Kenneth Haynes celebrates his 150th column written for The Capital City Hues. Ken —
as we all knew him when he was an assistant to County Executive Kathleen Falk back in the day — was
known as a poet, but wanted to break into prose and so we gave it a go. He started in August 2006, if my
memory serves me correctly and ever since, he has been The Hues’ steadiest columnist.

There are times when I totally get Ken’s columns right off the bat when I read them and I have to admit that
there are times when I’ve had to give it a second read before the light bulb has gone on and I understood
where Ken was headed. But always, Ken has made me think and sometimes laugh and sometimes get upset
and sometimes get sad.

I thank Ken for his contributions and for the “value added” that he has given my life. I look forward to many
more to come.
It is probably something that you already know. The Presidency of the United States will be bought come
November. Let me repeat myself. The Presidency of the United States will be bought.

It seems that everything in this country has a price tag and is now bought and sold. And now because of the
U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United, the price of the U.S. Presidency is probably going to be
around $1.5 billion. You heard me. It will be bought and sold for approximately $1.5 billion.

And when you think about all of the money that will be spent on the U.S. President race alone, it will probably
be close to $3 billion or the amount that the federal government spends on Community Development Block
Grants per year, the grants that fund neighborhood centers, housing projects and business development in
our cities.

Just last month, the Republican nominee in waiting, Mitt Romney pulled in an astonishing $100 million for
his campaign. Now this doesn’t include the unknown amount of money — probably hundreds of millions of
dollars — that is flowing into the coffers of SuperPACs like American Crossroads that will be purchasing
endless amounts of broadcast time with money that has been donated anonymously. And these ads will do
everything to push the election of Mitt Romney except endorse him and maybe the U.S. Supreme Court — the
judicial activists of this generation — will have made that legal as well by the time the election rolls around.
You can already see the impact of the money. It is hard to watch television these days without being
exposed to the negativity of the SuperPAC advertising. It is only the middle of July and already they are
gearing up for an intense, negative vicious campaign. Remember when the presidential campaign started
after Labor Day? That’s a thing of the past.

I sometimes wonder what the impact of all of this vileness is on the American psyche after being exposed to
this hate mongering for four or more months. I know that it deadens my brain and I’m apt to turn off the
television a great deal more. Yuck!!!

I remember last year when President Barack Obama announced that he planned to raise $1 billion for his
campaign and a lot of people thought that was ridiculous. Well President Obama is in danger of having his
voice drowned out even if he raises $1 billion for his campaign because of the perhaps $1.5 going on $2
billion that will more than likely be spent directly by Mitt Romney’s campaign or indirectly by SuperPACS.
This is becoming a corporate advertising campaign urging you to buy the latest hamburger no matter how
bad it might affect your health.

I have to admit that I have written a check for President Obama and will be writing another one for him
before the November elections. I can hardly afford it, but that is what I am going to do. And instead of being
discouraged by all of this negative advertising and the amount of money that Mitt Romney is going to spend,
I’m going to give my money in concert with millions of other Americans to give President Barack Obama a
fighting chance. If I give $100 and 10 million other Americans give $100, that will be $1 billion for President
Obama and it will give him a fighting chance.

I do know one thing. Either I pay now to help get President Obama reelected or I will pay later when a
Romney Administration will reduce my Social Security and Medicare benefits. Consider giving to President
Obama this election no matter how big or little it is. Pay now or pay later for this Presidency is being sold to
the highest bidder.
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