by Jonathan Gramling
Jonathan Gramling
Was Trump picked on during recess on his school’s playground? Or perhaps a teacher told Trump that he had better not apply for College A because his grades and
academic acumen weren’t good enough?

Was there a young girl who broke Trump’s heart when he was a little boy? Or has he always had a complex with women and earned lots of money so that he could
buy the favors of beautiful women — by marrying them — while other men would gain their favor because of their masculinity?

Again what makes Donald Trump tick? What is it about Trump that makes everything about him? Why does he have this inert need to be the first Emperor of the

What gave him an unreal sense of confidence that he feels that he can tear apart the world order based on a gut feeling that he may have about a world leader?
What makes Trump so egotistical that he thinks that he is correct and the rest of the world is wrong?

What makes Trump the ultimate existentialist where he feels that by merely pronouncing something that it becomes reality? Does he really think he made progress
with North Korea who used the pronouncements of the Trump-Un summit to destroy some nuclear facilities they wanted to replace anyway while starting to build
some new nuclear facilities?  And if Trump throws a monkey wrench into the existing world order, who is going to pick up the pieces when it is found that the “New
World Order” is nothing but smoke and mirrors? Who will come to the United States’ aid then? Will we have any friends left?

And what makes Trump tick where he thinks that he can separate immigrant children from their parents because he declared the parents criminals because they
crossed the border without papers or are seeking refugee status from the mess that the United States made in their home countries and not face repercussions and
blame it on Democrats who have been completely out of power for 18 months? Did Trump learn at an early age that if you tell a lie over and over and over again
that people will start to believe you? Or does Trump feel that merely because he says it is so that it is therefore reality like some kind of imperial pronouncement?

Did Donald Trump learn at an early age that human beings are mere cannon fodder for his desires? Did Trump feel any shame when he tried to use the separation of
little children from their parents to build The Great Wall of Trump on the U.S.-Mexico border? Did he not care at all for these children? Has he no feelings?

Did Trump ever think that maybe his actions with these families began to resemble what the Nazis did to Jewish families as they were rounded up and taken to
concentration camps? Did he think that America wouldn’t be horrified by this treatment of children and families? Did he think that the rest of us didn’t care because
he didn’t care?

And why is Donald Trump sp hostile to the environment? Is it because he grew up in the asphalt jungle that is New York City? Or is it because he has always lived
in gated communities whether they are created by the height of the building or an actual wall around the residence? Has Trump been led to believe that no matter
how noxious the general environment becomes that he will always be able to find a place on Earth — or Mars for that matter — where he won’t be affected by the
noxious pollution and its impact while he continues to reap profits from those of us who have to live and work under those conditions? Does Trump have a way out
that he isn’t telling the rest of us?

Does Trump think that by declaring there is no climate change that there isn’t any climate change? Does Trump believe that he doesn’t have to deal with reality
because he is reality and the world, the creatures and his dominions conform to his every word?

Trump’s psychological make-up is leading him to tear up our world and the rest of us will be left to pick up the pieces. And he will feel he did us a great favor. After
all, he will have pronounced it to be so.
                                       Psychoanalyzing Trump

As I watch Donald Trump go in every direction at once, I wonder how he got this way. What causes him to do always go
against conventional wisdom, to go left when his advisors say left, to place himself in the position to be the “savior” of
the white race or at least the “poor whites” who believe anything he says and look past any transgression of social or
spiritual mores? What makes Donald Trump tick?

I am sure that there are probably thousands of psychologists and psychiatrists who would love to get Donald Trump lying
on a couch, spilling his guts. And it would probably necessitate dozens and dozens of sessions to grasp what makes
Donald Trump tick.

I can see now that there will probably be a remake of Citizen Kane, the Orson Wells movie that examined the life of
publishing tycoon William Randolph Hearst. This time, it will be about Donald Trump. Who knows, perhaps Trump had
some traumatic childhood experienced that wrapped his life and fueled his narcissistic nature.

Did Trump’s father tell him during his youth that he would never amount to anything? Did Trump’s father tell him that he
would never be the best?

Or was Trump once an innocent young man who watched his father abuse women and screw everyone during his rise to
the top of the New York real estate market? Did Trump’s daddy lie always in his professional and personal relationships?