Going Through, part 2
Your thoughts and emotions have a strong magnetic vibration, which means they will attract situations to you with the same magnitude of vibration. Your thoughts
and emotions from the past have no bearing on our present time unless we choose to bring them into our world. What you focus upon will always expand,
regardless of whether you are focused upon the problem or the solution, the challenges or the inspiration. Your focus dictates what vibrations you are pulsing out
at any one time. Though many humans allow much of their daily thoughts to be more reactionary than deliberate, you always can gauge what your pulsing out to the
Universe by the emotions and feelings that you have at any one time.
It has been two months since my “Going Through” article and here is my update.  Yes, I feel so much better. After the anger
left, sadness came and both are significantly improved.  Has my life changed? “Yes”, in some ways, mostly internal
changes and “No” in other ways, mostly external.  I find my largest and most significant change has been in how I view
myself and my life.  Allow me to explain.

“Sometimes you ask God to change the situation and … he’s changing you.”
— Unknown

During my journey through, I began to wonder why do we have emotional pain? What can we do to avoid pain?, etc. I did
some research and discovered that pain has a purpose. Pain is simply the Universe’s way of redirecting you to something
better. You had a plan but the Universe knows that another plan will work better for you. Hold on, go with the flow and have
faith. What is meant for you will come to you in perfect divine timing.  Every emotional breakdown is a rebirth into a new life
because real transformation happens only at the point when the past falls apart completely. Let go of the old and allow the
new to unfold through you — be like the Phoenix that emerges at its best from the ashes of yesterday.

When you continue to relive past experiences, it keeps you dwelling in those patterns of behavior. All that you have been
through and all the actions you have taken up to this moment have taught you lessons you have needed to learn. This is
true for everyone.

“Every thought is either a blessing or a curse. By your words you shall be known”
— Unknown
The most helpful process I learned, while going through, was how to shift
my focus. When you do not know which action to take or you begin to feel
too overwhelmed by the mountain of “what if’s and should do’s,” it is
recommended that you take a step back and walk away. The reason is so
incredibly simple, but also tremendously effective. All of those thoughts
center around what you should be “doing” but almost all of your work is
done through synchronizing your vibrations to what you want to
accomplish. Allow us to further explain as this is an incredibly effective
tool to assist you in moving forward towards any dream, any desired

Walking away and shifting your focus onto something else that is working,
or that you appreciate, or that you find to be peaceful; this is very effective
in assisting you to allow your positive energies to flow again. It does not
really matter what you use as your excuse to feel good; all that matters is
that you find something that appeases you for the time being. When you do
this, you are literally shifting your vibrations from being focused on feeling
stuck, to one that is at peace, or in joy, or feeling creative and optimistic.

When you shift your focus and therefore your vibration, you allow for new
information, new ideas, new creative inspirations to flow in unhindered
because you are a vibrational match to joy, peace and creativity.  You do
not need to be focused upon your dream or finding the solutions to your
problems in order to be a match to the inspirations that will effortlessly flow
in. You simply need to find anything in your reality that helps you feel
differently and you will literally tune yourself to a new frequency, that allows
for the information that felt blocked or stuck before to now freely flow in. The
following are some of the methods I used to shift my emotions:

Prayers of gratitude.  After the pity party, I realized that my situation could be
a lot worse.  In the morning, I let my first actions be to thank God for all that
I do have.

Forgiveness. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “The work of forgiving,
begins within. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the
best of us. Forgiveness allows us to open a new chapter…”

I have forgiven everyone I could think of for their real or my imagined
transgressions against me. No, you do not have to do this in-person.  I
cried, talked and prayed to myself and to God. The hardest person to forgive
was myself. My forgiveness actions have increased my feelings of peace
within.  I have acknowledged (instead of avoiding) my actions and I feel
less regret and I feel lighter without all of the baggage I was carrying

Walking & Saying Affirmations.  Just the act of walking for a few minutes
releases endorphins into your bloodstream that make you feel better.  
Combined with repeating the same three or four affirmations, throughout my
walk, provides my mind with something positive to focus on.  Note, your
mind believes what you tell it and repetition compounds this positive
result.  Here is an example of one I used. “I am powerful and I know it. I am
powerful and I show it.”  Also, losing four pounds gave me visual results of
my efforts.  I now walk further and more often.

Meditation. For me, meditating for even 10 minutes, two or three times a
week, helps me get out of my head. During this time, I just concentrate on
my breathing. On my in-breath I bring in light and on my out-breath, I release
love. Then I reverse and bring in love and breath out light.

Here are a few other things that worked and can be used more

•        If you find yourself erupting in sadness or anger, breathing means that
anything that you have stuffed inside is now coming up for examination.
Ask yourself and answer these questions: What is it I no longer pretend is
OK in my life? What must I do? What must I say to kindly and lovingly
remain in integrity with my spirit?  Set yourself free.
•        If you find old feelings “bubbling up,” acknowledge them. Perhaps you
have tried not to feel something — a desire to explore a new interest, a
sense of unrest about something you’d rather not see, a desire for a
relationship when you thought you were fine alone or a desire for alone time
when you thought you wanted companionship. Your feelings are your
guidance. Honor them.
•        Perhaps you have been feeling a need to purge your belongings, your
activities, or even your relationships. Honor this. You are being called to a
greater personal authenticity.
•        Perhaps you feel a strong draw to explore something new. Honor it if
it is consistent with your ideals. Beware if it is not. What you are drawn to
magnetically is your path of greatest growth. Growth can be joyful or painful
depending upon your willingness to be honest with yourself.
In conclusion, I am glad I took the time to deal with my issues head-on. I
feel renewed, refreshed and way more self confident. I feel like I can now
conquer almost anything.  But most importantly I feel ready to receive the
goodness that life and God have to offer me.

I truly hope this information resonates and assists you when you find
yourself in a similar place.