Poetic Tongues/Fabu
Enjoy a Healthy
We are officially in summer with the hopes that rain will relent and
seasonally hot days will be constant. If you are like most of us with relatives
down South, you know about the heat wave currently there with blistering
humid days and nights, while the hottest months are still to come with July
and August. Born and raised in Mississippi and Tennessee, I have now
spent more years living in Wisconsin and my transplanted home still doesn’
t have enough sunlight and heat for me and my southern sensibilities. We
only received enough Vitamin D from the sun for here for about five months
of the year and I think that sometimes my pecan colored skin could use
darkening up.

What is the best about summer in Wisconsin is that people run to stay
outdoors and run to swim and boat. If you don’t own a swimming pool,
there are several public ones. If you don’t own a boat, there are Mary Lou
Cruises, and pontoon rentals. Wisconsin is at its absolute best in the
summer and gardens and farmer markets abound in several places with fresh
produce.  Farmer Robert Pierce has several farmer market locations and I can
testify that his watermelons are big and juicy.  Pierce normally delays selling
green tomatoes, preferring to let them ripen to red, and while that is nerve
wracking for those of us who love them, his collards greens are delicious
I was recently at the Farmer’s Market located at the Capitol and I only saw
one African American farmer. While we appreciate all farmers and their fresh
produce and products, there is a long history of African American farmers
in Wisconsin, beginning with the two early Black settlements, Cheyenne
Valley in Vernon County (1855) and Pleasant Ridge in Grant County (1870).
We need to eat and enjoy the bounty from African American farmers and
celebrate their connection to Wisconsin’s land and people.

Summer weather means that we get out in fresh air or cool water and move.
We continue to struggle to improve our health as a people in Wisconsin
and while I am not going to quote the dire statistics on African American
poor health, I do want to encourage people to walk, run, swim and dance
and not just at Dane Dances. This is the time to get outdoors and soak up
the sun before long, cold winters return. This really is the best time to get
moving and do well for your body and overall health. There are free exercise
programs like Get Movin’ with Venus Washington, owner of R-U-Fit, who
also designed exercise classes for women with great soul music. There is
also a free, newly expanded health facility for men from Aaron Perry, CEO of
the Rebalanced-Life Wellness Association, with an expanded Men’s Health
and Education Center next door to the JP Hair Design barbershop.

If you only stay inside your home, under the cool air conditioner, make sure
you dance vigorously for an hour or more. With the new rage in country
music by African American artists, you can have a good time making your
body healthy to "Old Town Road" by Little Nas X and the “Git Up” by
Blaco Brown.  As for me, and the last three years that I have spent focusing
on improving my health and losing weight, I still dance to soul music, to
have fun and live long.  I would like you to live long and healthy too. See
you outside walking, dancing or in the water this summer.