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July 1, 2019
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15 Credit Semesters?
better off with it being the only variable that’s important.

I have to admit that I’ve been pondering the value of efficiency ever since I read articles that detail how American workers have been impacted by the advances in
productivity since the 1970s. Or how they haven’t been impacted. While American workers have become a lot more productive — for the most part due to
technological innovations and efficiencies like the economy of scale — the increased value of that productivity has not been shared with American workers. The value
of the productivity has pretty much gone into the pockets of the fabled one percent, the people who own most of America.

There are times when I feel like a hamster running around on his circular tread mill, around and around it goes and the hamster gets nowhere. But if someone attached
an electric lead to it, perhaps it would produce electricity for someone else, but not the hamster. Why am I feeling like a hamster?

And so when I hear people say, ‘Cut, cut, cut, save, save, save, do more with less’ and other urging to make things more efficient, I have to ask, ‘Is this so someone
else makes money while I make less? Is there another value that needs to enter in here like my quality of life and that of others?’

And so while I like efficiency, I still have to watch for the sleight of hand that diverts the funds to a select few.

All of this is a rather lengthy introduction to the purpose of today’s column. Recently UW Systems kicked off the ’15 to Finish’ campaign. The system is pushing
students to take 15 credits each and every semester — eight semesters in four years — so that the student can finish in four years and move on. --
But I have to admit that I’ve started to think differently about efficiency. Granted efficiency is still greatly desired and the drive for it has led
to many an invention to make our lives easier, to a certain extent. I am not opposed to efficiency. It’s just that I have to wonder if I am any
Ever since I studied public administration in graduate school at UW-Madison in the early 1980s, I have
always been a fan of the concept of efficiency. Sometimes it was driven by the need to use limited
resources as wisely as possible, making the stretch as far as possible. And sometimes it seemed to be
driven by an occasional bout of laziness. How can I get this task done as fast as possible so that I will
have time to watch the Green Bay Packers on TV.
by Fabu
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