Author Sherry Lucille releases
Love Dreams:
Exploring Interracial Love
Sherry Lucille released Love Dreams, the second in a
trilogy of romance novels.
as a wife, mother and school counselor, published Love Dreams, the second in a trilogy of Love
romance novels. Dreams picks up where Changes left off.

“James is pretty bitter over the loss of Shelly,” Lucille said. “He thought she was going away to
think about marrying him and she came back married to another man. He’s not happy about that.
He’s well-connected in the community with the matriarch of the community, Momma Rose. He
goes to her for an explanation and she tells him that it was all pre-destined. Sorry, he was just in
the wrong place at the wrong time. He’s pretty bitter about this. While he is just thinking all of this
over and coming out of it, this woman — a kind of mystery woman — comes into the community.
She is white and well-to-do. He’s thinking she could live any place. Why is she living on the south
side of Chicago? There is a changing demographic of their community. Love Dreams follows their
relationship. How does the community react to this? How do they react to each other? She has
things in her past that are holding her down, haunting her, not making her feel like a complete
person. How do you become involved in a relationship when you really don’t know who you are
and you haven’t dealt with all of your identity issues?”

Love Dreams also allowed Lucille to explore the difficulty that successful Black men have in
dealing with the attitudes that others may have of them.

“I love the character James, the strong Black man who has been through some stuff, but he is
persevering,” Lucille said. “He knows how to exist in American society, how to be strong, but not
By Jonathan Gramling

When last we saw Mark, a Euro-American and Shelly, an African American,
the main characters of Sherry Lucille’s first romance novel
Love Changes
released in 2006, Shelly had spurned the marriage proposal of James, an
African American to marry Mark, her childhood sweetheart. Now in
, as Mark and Shelly fade to the background, it is James’ turn to
explore the ups and downs of interracial relationships in the Chicago of the
1960s when interracial relationships weren’t as accepted as they are today.
Lucille began writing romance novels, in part, because she couldn’t find
novels that suited her tastes.

“The secular romance novels were too inviting into the bedroom and I didn’t
appreciate that after a while,” Lucille said. “And I was reading Christian
romances and those were just so sedate, kind of boring, in my opinion. So I
was thinking I would like to read something that’s midway between them. I
have always been a story teller, so I started thinking, ‘I could write one of
these.’ Well I was excellent at telling stories and not so good at writing

Several years later after several writing classes and a lot of hard work,
Lucille published
Love Changes. And fitting writing into her hectic schedule
come across as overbearing, kind of the stuff that our president is having to deal with right now, being a strong Black man, but not
coming across as the angry Black man. He is walking that line. I feel that James is walking that line in his time period in 1969. And then it
is hard for him, the idea of even having feelings for a white woman. How do you do that?”

Lucille loves to just stick to the writing end of the publishing business. Her husband John takes care of the marketing.

“I like to write the novels,” Lucille emphasized. “I’m not so much into publicizing them and getting them going. I guess I have to do more
of that. I really like what I write and I know there is a niche for it. I know there are people like me who want to see this kind of writing and
this style with the restraint and the flamboyance combined and that leave things to the imagination.”

Lucille’s readers won’t have to wait too long for the third novel in the trilogy, Love Promises. It’s already in the works.
“Love Promises is basically done,” Lucille said. “The story is all outlined and written. And actually I’m working on a fourth. It can’t be a
part of the trilogy. But Love Falls is my first non-interracial couple story. It will be interesting.”

Love Dreams would make that perfect novel to take on your summer vacation. It has fascinating characters and is an easy read, a novel
that can take you away from the maddening crowd.

Love Dreams can be purchased on Sherry Lucille’s website, or through Kindle at