Column by Donna Parker: Art of Life
Prosperity planning
Prosperity, luxury, fortune, the good life all lead to obtaining financial independence. The meaning of financial independence can differ
from person to person. One individual might want to have all of their bills paid and another will consider it being a millionaire.  You may
even change your own definition as you progress financially.  However you define this desire, you certainly should not suppress it.  If
your financial situation is not where you want it to be, do not accept things as they are. You have an innate power to improve your
financial situation to something far better through prosperous thought and action.

Dare to think of the possibility of prosperity in your life even if it does not seem possible at this point.  The most successful people share
a common trait, they THINK BIG.  Do not limit yourself or your ideas.  Create and hold on to your image of great success, prosperity and
financial independence.  For example, after having been in business for only a short while, and just starting to turn a profit, I realized that
I did not have enough time to follow through on all of the opportunities that life was presenting me.  Instead of letting them go, I acquired
an associate.  I did this even though a friend and  a family member laughed at my suggestion saying I was too new in business to do
this.  My decision turned out to be one of best things I could have done.

Most people will be able to provide you with a number of reasons why they and you can not succeed. Gaining financial independence will
require you to abandon negative behaviors and attitudes.  Envision yourself as free from people, places and things that you do not want,
need or that do not support your growth. Begin immediately to imagine yourself as prosperous now. It is easier for the mind and universe
to produce results that are expected in the present.

Five Steps to Acquire Personal Prosperity

Here are five steps to assist you with attaining financial independence. Will you see over night success? No, but with persistence and
acceptance, you will begin to see positive results over time.  How much time will be determined by how much effort you put into the
process.  The sooner you begin to change your belief patterns, the quicker the results.

Now that you have decided to become financially independent, make a mental picture of the highest amount you wish to experience.  
Envision the amount of income you wish to have. Be specific. The mind responds quicker to definite figures. Now imagine how you will
live when you achieve that level.  Create as detailed an image as possible.  The more you think about it, the more detailed it will
become.  Imagine your home, your car, clothes you wear, vacations you take and so on. For example, when I want to create more cash
flow in my life, I imagine the freedom that having money brings me.

Get quiet and meditate on the financial independence you want to obtain.  Ask if there is any reason you should not obtain this life style.
Be observant of any thoughts that surface as these are your obstacles that will need to be removed. After your meditation, any negative
thoughts that surfaced can be dealt with by using affirmations and cutting the cord to these thoughts.  You will want to repeat this step
until no more negative thoughts emerge.

Do not share your inner plans with others as not everyone will want to see you prosper.  People will verbally contribute any number of
reasons why you will not succeed.  Also, any negative thoughts that others have can create vibrations that could dissipate your inner
work.  Remember other people can not live your life for you.

Do not become anxious, or upset if you do not see immediate results. Do not try to force or hurry your mental image into manifestation. If
you had a garden and planted seeds one day, you would not expect to see plants the next day.  Results take time.  Anxious, excited or
emotional, hurried or forced states produce results that are seldom satisfactory.

Know that your dreams of financial independence have already become true on the mental plane, by the time you develop a vision for
them.  Therefore, your desires are as much yours now as it will be when it becomes visible.  It will be up to you to bring it into being.  
Declare, “Meet this demand in its perfect way.  It is mine now and manifests soon in satisfying ways.”  Add to this “This or something
better now manifests.”  Remember that everything you see or that has ever happened was a thought first.