Vol. 12    No. 13
JUNE 26, 2017
Reflections/Jonathan Gramling
                                         Sina Davis & Other Thoughts

Dr. Ruben Anthony Reflects on
The State of Black America:
Forward Forever,
By Jonathan Gramling

The Academic Journey of
Laura Patricia Minero:
Breaking Barriers,
By Jonathan Gramling

Asian Wisconzine
Aging and Accompanying
By Paul H. Kusuda

The Dire Need for More Black
and Brown Teachers,
By Wayne Strong

Art of Life
You Are the One You Have
Been Waiting For,
By Donna Parker

The Naked Truth
‘Fear For My Safety’ Is
Insufficient Defense For Murder,
By Jamala Rogers

NAMASTE Madison at the
Madison Public Library: India
Within and Without,
By Lakshmi Sridharan and Anjali

LPA and Latino Chamber
Legally Separate,
From the Latino Professionals
Association and the Latino
Chamber of Commerce
Swirling Sensations of Creative
Fana Tesfagiorgis performs at the
UW Memorial Union
Love & Service for Sina Davis at the Boys & Girls Club on Jenewein Street. I hated to miss that, but if I had gone, the paper you are reading right
now wouldn’t have gotten printed for a day or two.

Sina is one of the women who were featured in Fabric of the Hood back in an April cover story in The Capital City Hues. Sina has been a
foundational person in that neighborhood, giving of her time, experience and expertise to improve the lives of people who live in the Allied Drive
area. Earlier this year, Sina and he daughter moved into her new house on Allied Drive. She is an awesome woman and I consider it to be a
privilege to know her.

Well her cancer came back earlier this year and the prognosis isn’t good. She has begun to avail herself of hospice services. It’s not looking

And so Lisa and others wanted to honor Sina while she was still around to hear it, to give her roses while she is living, which I thought was a
beautiful gesture. I wish I could have been there for this so deserved tribute.

The photo on this page is of Sina (l), Lisa (c) and Sina’s daughter at Madison’s Juneteenth Day Celebration on June 17th. Sina came up to me when
she arrived at Juneteenth and wanted to make sure that I took her photo with Lisa. Well Sina, here you go.

Sina, you are the greatest! Your good deeds will live with all of us forever!
I am also grateful for the local affiliates/chapters of the Urban League, NAACP and other organizations. They are a lifeline, in a way, to the national
scene of the civil rights movement.

You don’t see the leaders of these organizations featured much on mainstream television. Especially with the growth of the talking-head industry
that includes African American commentators, it appears that major news outlets aren’t as pressed as they used to be to include the comments
and opinions of the leaders for these organizations that represent hundreds of thousands of African Americans and are usually two of the most
prominent organizations in any major American urban area.

And so, when the presidents of the local affiliates come back from a national meeting or convention of these organizations, it is a pleasure to talk
with them in order to find out what is really going on. In the article that begins in this issue, Dr. Ruben Anthony, the Urban League of Greater
Madison’s CEO talks about the recent State of Black America meeting held in Washington, D.C. It is great to get that perspective of what is going
on and to bring the feeling of the movement back in to Madison, which can often feel like a backwater of the national civil rights movement. Those
national perspectives are like a breath of fresh air.

And we need that national perspective and the insider knowledge of people Like Hilary Shelton who has headed up the NAACP’s Washington, D.C.
office to cipher all of the half-truth and no-truth statements that seem to flow out of the Trump Administration on almost a daily basis.

I see that the Republican leadership of the U.S. Senate is trying to pass its version of the House’s American Health Care Act that would make
health insurance unaffordable for about 24 million Americans.

I see that they are trying to ram this bill down the collective throat of the American electorate before we really know what impact it will have. And
of course Trump has his hot and cold days, not able to decide if these health care bills are mean or just right. My sense is that it will make
Affordable health insurance out of reach of over 20 million Americans. And it is always the poor from whom the Republicans seek to squeeze out
the greatest concessions.

There is something that you can do about it however. For various reasons, there are four Republican Senators who oppose this bill. One of them
is Wisconsin’s own Senator Ron Johnson. Now I am sure that he will receive a lot of pressure from Trump and the Republican leadership to vote
for the bill. Call Ron Johnson’s Washington, D.C. office at (202) 224-5323 and urge him to stay strong and vote no.
Like any job, there are times when putting out The Capital City Hues is the pits. It can be
like caring for a baby. Sometimes while everyone else is out there partying, you have to
stay at home taking care of this newspaper child because every two weeks, it has to come
out regardless of what is going on in one’s personal or professional life.

Back in the heat of getting our graduation issue out, my nephew Jacob got married in
Milwaukee on Memorial Day weekend. I love family weddings, but I had to miss that one
because I might have never come home on time to get the graduation issue, al least while
it was still relevant.

And then yesterday afternoon, Lisa Peyton-Caire and others put on A Celebration of Life,