The Naked Truth/Jamala Rogers
Zero Tolerance by Another Name
Jamala Rogers
Africans kidnapped from their homeland set the precedent for separating children from their
parents. The practice of viciously and intentionally destroying Black families went on for over
250 years — a long time to hone this country’s skills.

U.S. history has many ugly examples. Native Americans suffered the same fate with their little
ones. Japanese-Americans, who like other nationalities worked hard to prove their
patriotism, were uprooted from their communities and basically jailed until the end of World
War II.

Children, sweet but vulnerable, have once again moved our nation. After mounting public
pressure and negative headlines, trump finally signed an executive order to stop the
horrendous practice of family separation. This action came after several days of saying only
the Democrats could do something about the situation because it was their legislation. This
lie is part of a long and seemingly never-ending twisted rope of lies.

Most of us know and have seen the hard, cold evidence that trump will use anything and
anybody to get his way. Children are not exempt.

What most of the media seem not to focus on as much is that the conditions from which
people of desperately fleeing are also the result of U.S. policy. Countries like Honduras,
Guatemala and El Salvador have been torn asunder by dictatorships supported by U.S.
administrations. Add Americans’ insatiable appetite for drugs and you have unfettered
violence where citizens of these violence-ridden countries are collateral damage.

The trump administration needs to be a target of a full court press by all freedom-loving
people. It has given us so many examples of how low it can go. The children have tugged at
our heart strings enough to get temporary relief for their families, but they are not the only

Those who are poor, Muslim, non-white, workers, independent thinkers are bigger targets.  
The Mueller investigation report will not come soon enough; we must reclaim the scattered
remains of our democracy.    
Those of us of darker hue totally understand not-so coded words like “Zero Tolerance.” It means you’re unwelcome and the minute, the second that you do, say
anything that whites find uncomfortable or unacceptable, you will be dealt with harshly and appropriately.

I thought about trump’s policy of separating immigrant children from their parents when it started unraveling before the world. The policy to teach immigrants a painful
lesson who are fleeing from economic hardship and violence in their countries is so trumpian.

Then there were the confused comments that implied such a racist policy is un-American, in contraction to American values, etc. Nothing could be farther from the