Vol. 13    No. 13
JUNE 25, 2018
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by Jonathan Gramling      
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                                           And Babies? And Babies.

When I came to UW-Madison in 1970 as a freshman, the Sterling Hall bombing had taken place three weeks before
I arrived to live in the Lakeshore dorms. While it was blunted by the force of the bombing and its moral
implications, the anti-war movement was still a big force on campus.

And as I moved into my room, my roommate had placed on the door a poster of the My Lai Massacre, with the
corpses of children and adults, with the heading, ‘And Babies? And Babies.’

It was quite impactful and the family who came to move me in were wondering exactly what kind of roommate I
had drawn, a roommate with whom I would be friends for years to come.
It was the My Lai Massacre that significantly helped turn the tide of public opinion against the Vietnam War. It
challenged America to reflect on what its moral values were and what the Vietnam War was making us become.

And I can’t help but think that the events of the past week with the separation of children from their parents whose
criminal act was simply “yearning to be free.” And the video of the children being separated from their parents was
so heart-rending. And it was so callous of a narcissistic president to view the children as political pawns so that he
could have his way. And Trump didn’t feel for the children. He changed his mind do the sting to his ego from the
swift backlash from almost all sectors of our society.

Perhaps it is this video footage and this united backlash that will unite us — except some of the hard-core Trump
followers — in getting a comprehensive immigration bill through and end the political and social “torture” of
immigrants who only want what our forbearers wanted.

It gives me pride to share my column space this issue with the faculty of the UW-Madison Chican@/Latin@
Studies Program who sent the following statement regarding the past week’s events. --
Celebrating Resilience
The African Women’s Association at
Madison’s Juneteenth Day Celebration