Sign Up to Get Locally Generated Solar Energy
From: Madison Gas and Electric

Customer support helped launch Madison Gas and Electric's (MGE) Shared Solar program about a year and a half ago.
Customers who subscribed to the program support solar power generated by an array on the roof of the Middleton Municipal
Operations Center. The voluntary program sold out quickly!

Now, MGE is preparing for Shared Solar's expansion, which will give more customers the opportunity to participate and grow
solar energy in our community. MGE is adding customers to a waiting list in anticipation of the program's expansion.

Program participation is easy and affordable. Join our waiting list at and be among the first to learn
about our next steps. This limited opportunity will be available to MGE electric customers on a first-come, first-served basis.

Features of Shared Solar
Shared Solar is convenient and simple. Participants:
• Subscribe for up to 50% of their annual electricity use.
• Pay a one-time up-front fee and a fixed per-kilowatt-hour rate for solar.
• Pay the standard rate for the rest of their electricity.
• Take solar with them if they move within MGE's electric
service area.
• Reserve their spot for 25 years but may exit at any time.

Working together to reach shared goals
Shared Solar helps grow solar in our community. It also
advances MGE's Energy 2030 framework, which includes our
goal of supplying 30% renewable energy by 2030.

Join us in the Shared Solar program as we work toward
shared energy goals for our community.
Stay tuned for more details about the expansion and to learn
about our other clean energy projects. Visit